Chocolate Cake and a few thought

Taking my son hand off around my waist I silently grabbed my laptop sitting on our bedside table, made myself some coffee and sat comfortably onto the chair I moved recently in our room.

Some thoughts have been hitting me since morning I thought writing here might help.

But, first I start with good news: my niece has finally got the desired result in her 12th board exams; she is all set to take up her favorite course in London.  We wholeheartedly wish her all the best in whatever she does in life.

You are very talented and are almost there ….” Received this today (thank you bhabhi, I really need to hear this today).

Today, while enrolling Virat for some class, the receptionist helping me to fill the form asked if I work somewhere.  I told him I am a home baker, this 60 something old man misunderstood this as “homemaker” and responded, “being available to everybody in the family and most importantly providing the right environment to the family is the most difficult job in the world.”

Yesterday while grocery shopping  I heard a middle age women saying to her friend or might be to her relative that she has seen nothing in her life.  Her comment took me by surprise and made me a bit sad.  While walking back home I looked at the children playing in the garden and a blue-necked bird sitting on the fence.  And said a silent prayer to God for surrounding us with so much goodness

In the end, a customary recipe tested and loved by my family.  Check the recipe here. adapted by Add by pinch