Fondant Cake

Fondant Cake

It was our anniversary and he wanted to have pineapple cake but on this day I wanted to make my favorite Fondant Cake.

I try to be minimalistic in the decorations because fondant or sugar paste is a dough prepared with lots of icing sugar, so If there is more decoration there will be more sugar in one bite which does not let one enjoy this beautiful icing. I also tried to put little less sugar in the sponge and above all I never fill my fondant cake with any filling to maintain the balance. ZEBRA CAKE

This time even the kids enjoyed and relished my favorite and for my dear husband I promised him I will empty the whole tin of pineapple slices on his birthday cake. In this process of trying new cakes and my blogging I am getting to understand him better as he is helping me in his own sweet way. No, I won’t bore you further with my rants so back to fondant again.

Fondant is a clay like dough which you can make anything animals, human figures etc. I haven’t tried anything of this sort yet but you will see all of this in my coming posts. I have a wonderfully envious collection of tools required to make these things and spent hefty amount on all these tools. I love them. Here is a picture of some of my tools

Fondant is an incredible art which I love , but sadly it is not very popular in India. Fondant is used to make Wedding Cakes but hardly otherwise. Even I came to know about it through TLC, watching endless programmes, following you tubes tutorial and finally I managed to get a piece of art.

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