Mango FroYo/Frogurt

Mango FroYo

I made this in the first week of June for my nephew who came over to my place to spend 2 days with us. He is a real foodie, who loved home cooked food and specially desserts unlike my son who loved everything store bought.   I decided to make this healthy yogurt for him  which   I had never tried before, but it was in my wish list for a long time.

Now after reading my so many posts you must be aware of my habit of bringing such wonderful people to my  home who  appreciate my effort of making  dessert in my home kitchen.

We  visited Ansal Plaza with him which is partially closed now.

Mango FroYo

We have never tasted any frozen yogurt outside, which is in so much demand nowadays.  But my nephew said  my Frogurt tasted much much better than the outside one. Everybody at home, including my great son loved its taste.

.    Mango FroYo

I don’t have any ice cream machine so my yogurt has ice crystals in it, but it hardly matters.

mango froYo

The important part of making ice cream is to churn the mixture during the freezing  process to break  up the ice  crystals  and produce a smooth, creamy texture.

An ice cream machine isn’t essential but it does save time and eliminates the need for you to keep beating the mixture.

But when I took the froyo out  after  two hours it was hard solid  so I left it as it. I think it doesn’t alter the taste at all.

Frozen Yogurt , also known by the tradenames Frogurt and FroYo.  It varies from slightly to much more tart than ice cream, as well as being lower in fat(due to the use of yogurt  instead of cream).

Mango Froyo

Recipe adapted from Ice cream (Paragon Publishing)


  • Hung yogurt – 300gm
  • Mango puree – 900 gm


Churn them in a mixer until smooth and put it in a airtight container covered with cling film  and freeze it. His appreciation pushed me to make some more desserts for him, which will be posted soon.

Mango FroYo


2 thoughts on “Mango FroYo/Frogurt

  1. wonderful Cheenu, When I learnt to make icecreams, we were taught to add stabilizer to it, which prevented formation of crystals. Why don’t you look for that.. I am really looking forward to taste one of your preparations very soon. Love you lots.

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