Plum Jam – no pectin


Plum are abundant, in this time of the year.  I bought so many fearing; they will soon disappear from the market.

Many bloggers were coming up with so many creative ideas using them.  As a newbie I have to follow their footprints. After I saw so many blushing plums, one thing immediately strikes me was plum jam. And my search for the recipe started by googling the net, some involves using pectin and some says a very lengthy process.


But  it pays to be patient.  I found a beautiful site, My Spring Hill Garden and to my surprise it doesn’t require pectin and I came to know about a fact of pectin that it is required to fasten up the process of cooking.  The recipe is so simple that you can remember it on tips.

plum jam

Very very easy to make and so delicious.  Make it to believe it.

plum jam


  • Plums- Measure by bowl.
  • Sugar – half bowl ( if plum are one bowl)   + 1 more bowl *

*if your plums are not very sweet  and they are tart add more sugar


After washing the plums in cold water, use a paring knife to cut the pits from the plums. Discard the pits.

Measure the number of cups of plums you prepared into a tall pot.  In a separate bowl, measure sugar equal to one half the number of cups of plums you prepared plus one cup.

Using a large wooden handled metal spoon, stir the plums to prevent the mixture from sticking and burning on the bottom of the pot, while heating them on high setting.  As the plums melt in the heat, turn down the heat slightly if needed.

When all of the plums have become a liquid.  Then add all of the sugar and stir to melt the sugar into the hot liquid.

After stirring the sugar and plum mixture for a few minutes, the heat can be turned down and the jam stirred less vigorously.  After it cools a bit, its thickness can be evaluated to see if when it cools to room temperature, the desired result has been obtained.  If it still looks too runny, a little more time cooking and stirring may be required.

Let the jam cool completely.  Fill the sterilized jars and close the lid tightly.  Keep this jar in the freeze if you want it to stay longer.

plum jam


I more thing I want to share  that I am introducing two more series under the same blog “Quick Fix” and “Children’s Favorite” as suggested by a good friend of mine.  As you know “Constructive criticism and a friendly advice all you need to progress”.  Thanks to him.



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