Pastel de tres Leches…Daring baker’s Challenge (discovering my new love pomegranate)

pastel de tres leches

Pastel de tres leches

Pastel de tres leches or three milk cake  was my second  daring baker’s challenge.   I waited impatiently for this months’ challenge  to come after last month’s recipe, which were a great hit in our family and this time too I must say this wonderful recipe is liked by all of us.  This month’s challenge was hosted by very talented Inma from la Galletika.  She brought for us two cakes Pastel de Tres Leches and Chocolate three milk cake.  We have to make one out of these two cakes.  I decided to go for Pastel de Tres Leches. But this time I didn’t make it on the first day of the challenge but I waited for my birthday to come because fully iced cake is restricted to birthdays only.  You all must be wondering baking a cake for my own birthday.  Why not? At first I was apprehensive that if I pour that much syrup in my sponges it will become soggy. My misconception was proved wrong by Inma by her wonderful recipe.

three milk cake

pastel de tres leche

My son gifted me a beautiful table mat on my birthday from the money he saved. He knew that I had a special liking for this mat and he knew that  because  of my ever increasing props I will not buy anymore at least for some day.  Will soon show  you in my posts.

pomegranate compote

This  cake  is very popular in Central and South America. It was a super moist, light, airy and super delicious sponge cake soaked in the three kinds of milk (evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream). It was a very light cake (especially if made without butter), with many air bubbles in its crumb. It does not have a soggy consistency, despite being soaked in a mixture of three types of milk.

three milk cake

We were allowed to do variation in sponge cakes and  decoration.  But we have to use three kinds of milk in the syrup.


Preparation time: 1 hour and a half

Classic Three Milks Cake:

Ingredients for the vanilla sponge cake

  • Eggs – 2
  • Sugar – ¼ cup
  • Flour – ¼ cup
  • Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp

For three milks syrup

½ (200 gm) sweetened condensed milk – ½ can or 200gms

175 gm) evaporated milk (I made myself by reducing the milk of condensed milk consistency)
½  cup  heavy cream (about 35% fat) or ¾ cup milk
1 cinnamon stick
1 teaspoons vanilla essence

Topping and filling

1 cup whipping cream
1/4 cup sugar
Pomegranate compote(recipe follows)

25 gms – chocolate

Pomegranate pearls to decorate

Directions For the Sponge Cake:

  1. Preheat oven to moderate 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4.      Prepare two round 4” tins
  2. Separate the egg whites from the yolks.
  3. Beat the egg whites on medium speed, 3 – 5 minutes.
  4. When soft peaks form slowly add the sugar in small      batches.
  5. Whip until stiff peaks form about 5 minutes. Set aside.
  6. In a medium bowl beat egg yolks at medium-high speed      for about 5 to 6 minutes, or until the egg yolks become pale colored,      creamy and puffy. Stir in vanilla.
  7. Pour the egg yolks over the egg whites, gently fold      until just combined trying not to lose any volume from the mixture.
  8. Fold in the flour little by little in the form of rain.      Mix until just combined (over-beating will result in a denser, flatter      cake).
  9. Pour the batter into the prepared  tins.
  10. Bake in the preheated moderate oven for 20 minutes or      until the toothpick comes out clean.
  11. Let it cool
  12. Once cool. flip the top of the cake and place it on a      base. Poke using a fork holes all over the cake to better absorb the three      milk soaking liquid.

Three milks syrup

  1. In a saucepan add the sweetened condensed milk,      evaporated milk, heavy cream and cinnamon stick, bring to a boil, reduce      the heat and continue boiling for 5 minutes. Remove it and let it cool.
  2. Once it is cool, add the rum or any other flavoring you      are using
  3. Gradually brush all the milk soaking liquid into all      sides of the cake (including the cut surfaces) until all absorbed. Best to      rest the cake in the fridge overnight to complete the soaking process.

Pomegranate Compote

  • 2 to 3 pomegranate (pearls taken out)
  • Sugar  according to taste – 2tbsp
  • Lemon Juice- 1 tbsp
  • Cornflour – ¼ tsp


In a pan over medium heat put pomegranate and sugar till sugar dissolves .  Remove from gas add lemon juice and cornflour and put again on  slow flame and cook till pourable consistency formed.


  1. Whip the cream, when soft peaks form add the sugar      little by little, continue whipping until stiff peaks form about 2 mins.


Layer some whipped cream on the bottom layer and sprinkle some pomegranate compote and decorate the top layer with whipped cream  and grated chocolate and pomegranate pearls. Pour pomegranate compote on the edges of the cake to garnish.

Pastel de tres leche

I want to thanks Inma for bringing this wonderful cake to us.


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