Melt-in-mouth Coconut Laddoos…on Ahoi

coconut laddoos

On Hoi we (mothers who keeps fast for the day) eat something sweet in the morning before the sunrise.   This fast we keep for the health and happiness of our children. I wish all my readers happy ahoi.  I made these soft ladoos a night before, when I was rolling them, I thought something went wrong as  the dough was getting harder and harder. But no, the final result was so tasty and light.  As usual, my husband only complaint that I didn’t add any nuts.   I knew he will say that, but I was not sure whether it will bind or not, after adding nuts. These laddoos were quick to make and just three ingredients were required to make these.   I adapted the recipe of Dassana, a very humble person.  You know sometimes you  came across a person and you became fan of his/her.  I haven’t met her, but her sweet words explained all  and her recipes didn’t required any explanation.  This is my second following of her recipe and more will be shared.

coconut laddoos

Ahoi Ashtami(Hoi) is celebrated 4 days after Karwa Chauth.  Women with children fast for the day and pray before sunset.  After stars appear women offers water to the stars and break their fast.  (Source: Mamta’s Kitchen)

In all the clicks you must be wondering why I have added pots and water chestnut.  They are always kept in the pooja of Ahoi.  One more essential thing we keep is sugarcane, but that is difficult to get nowadays.  So we leave that.

coconut laddoos

Recipe adapted from Veg recipes of India


  • 1.5 cups desiccated coconut (unsweetened)
  • ⅔ cup organic unrefined cane sugar or regular sugar
  • ½ cup water
  • 3-4 cardamoms, husked and powdered in a mortar-pestle      (optional)


  1. mix the sugar with the water and dissolve it.
  2. if there are impurities than strain the sugar solution.
  3. keep the sugar solution on fire and on a low flame cook      the solution.
  4. the solution will start to thicken and continue to cook      till you get the one thread consistency in the sugar solution.
  5. switch off the flame and add the dessicated coconut and      cardamom powder to the sugar solution.
  6. quickly stir and make small balls from the mixture.
  7. if the heat is too much too handle, wait for a few      minutes till you are comfortable in making the ladoos.
  8. the mixture should be hot or warm while making the      ladoos.
  9. if the mixture become cold, then making the ladoos is      impossible.
  10. in this case, return the pan or bowl on the fire and      slightly warm the mixture and continue to make the ladoos.


the sugar can be adjusted as per your sweet likings. for a less sweet taste you can use ½ cup sugar and for a more sweeter taste use ¾ cup sugar.

coconut laddoos


6 thoughts on “Melt-in-mouth Coconut Laddoos…on Ahoi

  1. i had the same feeling when i made them. i was like they were looking hard, but when i had a bite… it was wow. we make jaggery rotis on ahoi. still have to add the recipe on the blog.

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