Hazelnut and yogurt Mousse …eggless

hazelnut and yogurt mousse

Now, when my child can study by his own but still, I have to keep a constant check.  For his ever continuing exams,  I have to keep an eye on his  preparations , his lots of projects, competitions and  very simple simple things like  whether he has taken everything to school (which he never does) and after sending him to school, it seems like I have done something big. I know some mothers might be laughing by my statement and if they do this task smoothly, great but for me it is not so smooth and each day is an challenge in itself.   The methodology has changed altogether, children now understand things better.    Well after so much pressure a treat is must for me and what better way than hazelnut mousse.

Hazelnut and yogurt mousse

Mousse in shot glasses is always my favorite.  In shops they tempt me so much in small little glasses with layers, really appealing.      Whenever I visit   food court,   it is must buy for me.

I have been trying to substitute some unhealthy ingredients with healthy one and altogether stopped using refined flour and trying to use fewer fats in my desserts  and have started substituting butter with applesauce, cream with hung yogurt and eggs with yogurt.

Hazelnut and Yogurt Mousse

Again for my this mousse, I replaced some cream with  hung yogurt, that was lying in the freeze  and some hazelnut paste  that too was  left, yes, you read right, left,  I didn’t licked the jar clean and didn’t even allowed my son to finish it off  after my hazelnut cookies.

This mousse is perfect for kid’s party. No raw eggs were used. They will love this mousse and would be a great change from a simple shop bought ice cream.  My son was complaining to me that, “Why I made so less?” When I said I will make more, to which he answered you never make same thing again.

Serves 4


  • Any biscuits of your choice I used Oats Cookies – 4
  • Hazelnut paste – 2 tbsp
  • Whipped cream – 4 tbsp
  • Sugar – 4 tbsp
  • Hung Yogurt – ¾ cup


Crush cookies in a mixer or by hands.  In a serving bowl or in individual glasses make a layer of crushed cookies. Now whip cream with sugar till stiff peaks are formed. Blend yogurt with hazelnut paste.  Now fold  yogurt mixture with cream mixture, fill this in a piping bag  and pipe over crushed cookies. Decorate with some hazelnut paste. Serve cold.


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