Mozzarella and Persimmon Mousse..any excuse to make dessert

Mozzaralla and Persimmon Mousse

Welcome December,  I call it a “ Baker’s Month”.  I have beautiful plans for this month that I will share in my coming posts.  My son’s exams are starting  from 9 December, what a bad choice of selecting month for exams,  they always spoil the festival mood but still why to worry.   I have requested  everyone in the house to allow me to bake as much as I want during this month (hehehe…. and in the coming months) though I knew they always encourage and value my this start.  Their, this sweetness  came after eating  my daily dose of sweet desserts.

Persimmon and Mozzarell Mousse

Another story  – How I save my precious fruit.

“Save one for me”, my son said to me while going to school and I was like someone has asked me, my treasure.  I disheartedly obliged.  But when he came and rejected the fruit, “The Evil Mother” felt so relaxed,  now I can play with my fruit.  I used just half of it and save half for another recipe,  now when he  already rejected the fruit I have got excuse to make one more dessert.

Recently in a t.v. show on Foodfood channel in stylechef by Chef Shailendra I saw how a concoction can be made out of mozzarella and cream and milk.  I got more innovative and added some persimmon puree into it and topped it with persimmon puree.  And it tasted yummm. Everybody loved it  including my son and he was surprised I have used that same fruit in it.

Mozzarella and Persimmon Mousse


  • Soft mozzarella – 50 gm
  • Cream – 50 ml
  • Milk – 50 ml
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp or more if you desired
  • Persimmon Puree – ½ (recipe below)

Method of Persimmon Pulp

In a mixer, blend chopped persimmon  with  1 tbsp sugar)

Method of mousse

In a mixer, blend mozzarella, cream, sugar, milk and persimmon puree  ( 2 tbsp) till smooth consistency.

Pour this mixture in shot glasses and on top pour persimmon puree.

Mozzarella and Persimmon Mousse


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