Malta and Red Chilli Jam….using my precious gifts

Malta and red chilly's jam

His school opening time is near, so all books were suddenly considered, date sheet was being checked, assignment sheet were taken out.   His project, that too need to be made.

Malta and Chilli  Jam

So firstly,  we decided to finish off his  project. My son has collected the news paper earlier.  So cutting, assembling and pasting has to be done..  When I got up  amidst the piles of newspaper, he  very leisurely skip to a clean room and just start monkey  around then hearing my growl he sat down to complete his work.  Later when he got tired, you know what he said to me, “mom, you must take a break now!” However, later he made a beautiful biography on Sachin.

Malta and Chilly's Jam

It’s been a week now and I haven’t bake anything and that makes me restless. But when  I saw these maltas lying in my basket and begging me to use them. I know what to do with these.   I remembered, I saw and saved a recipe of orange and chilli marmalade from my favourite GoodFood India Magazine, long time back because at that time oranges were not available, so I take a cut out of that recipe.  It was a  simple recipe.  The only thing, I needed was fresh red chilly, I quickly ran to the market to buy some, but no vegetable vendor have them.  So I decided to  put these dried chillies into my jam,  But  you must,  discard the chilly seeds, which I forgot because they were difficult to grind or chew later.   Otherwise it was a divine recipe and I was cursing myself for making so less.

malta and chilli Jam

Actually  when I was reading the recipe it was written to include the white part of orange also and considering my failures using  the white part (read candid orange peel),  I thought it would be great idea if I try  with a  little less.  But no complaints, it was again a super duper easy recipe, so I can make it any time.  But I must add you must add the chillies, that gives you  a kick of taste which you haven’t tasted before.

malta and chilli jam

There is one more reason of making this jam, I was desperate to use this beautiful jar given to me by my brother and bhabhi on my recent trip to my mom’s place  and oranges and maltas are flooding the market, so what better way then to use this jar.  Then I found this basket lying in my baking room, yes, you read right(share story soon). It perfectly matches my orange theme, again given to me “as routine” by my sister.

Recipe adapted from GoodFood  India Magazine,  November 2012 issue

By Executive Chef Manu Chandra


  • Malta – 2 large
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Water – ½ cup
  • Fresh red chilly or dry red chilly – 2 ( must discard the seeds)


Rinse malta very well and slice tops off.  To be on the safe side I remove the white part as much as possible because in the recipe he has used thin skin  oranges.  Scoop out the flesh and discard the seeds.  Slice malta peel and set aside.  Chop the pulp and place in a large bowl with all the juice.

Place the sliced malta peel, pulp, sugar,water and chilli in a heavy bottom pan and bring to a boil.  Boil for about 30 minutes on a very slow flame.  Stirring frequently.

Take off the heat and allow to cool to room temperature before putting them into sterilized jars.  Cover tightly with a lid  and refrigerate.

Malta and Chilli Jam

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