Sesame Honey & Jaggery Bars…seeking blessing from Lord Ganesha on Sakat Chauth

Sesame, honey & jaggery Bars

When we were kids, as soon as the winter starts,  our first question  to our mother used to be, “Mom, when you will  make tilkut”?   They were so favorite among all of  us that she has to make again within a week.

Knowing how much we love tilkut,  she still send them to me and to my sister every year.  Mothers are so affectionate. Aren’t they?

Coarse Sesame Powder

She made them by roasting  sesame then make a coarse powder of it in mortar and pestle yes, 4 kg on that and  she still do this on it,  she thinks mixer makes it more powdery and finally add raw bura(unpurified form of grinded sugar).     It was made on the day of Sakath Chauth, which is kept for child’s well being.  All day long mother observes fast and at night after offering water to Moon she can  have something.  On this day God Moon  is difficult to see because of the fog.

Sesame, jaggery and honey bars

Even, we were not allowed to have this delicious tilkut till she offered water to moon.  So,  we too have to wait with her till  12 ‘O’ clock,  to have them.

This festival is celebrated in the same way at my in-laws house, but  lucky they, as they can  have the til once it is made.

Here my mom-in-law makes til ladoos instead,  which were being  made by adding  mawa/khoya.  But this year,  situation is different  as her health doesn’t allow her to make them.  So this custom passed on to me.  I don’t  like laddoos as much,  as I love tilkut.  So I am not particularly excited about making them  but when I saw Sangeeta’s post on baked sesame bars.  I  got what I want.

Baked Sesame Bare

Healthfooddeshivideshi, as its name suggest is a blog about health with lots of healthy ingredients, which we see  regularly in the market but hesitant to use them or unsure of their tastes but her beautiful pictures guarantees the taste.  Now, when I am also on  healthy food track and whenever I want to see healthy substitute of something I know where I can search.

I am writing this post  in the morning, when I haven’t baked them so far  because later with empty and hungry stomach, I won’t be able to think so creatively for this post.  I am super excited to make them once I take a bath yes, as a tradition we were allowed to make or touch anything,  which is related to some custom or God  only after bath.

Til or sesame are a great source of protein, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium and Jaggery is a source of iron and calcium.  The mixture of both produces heat and increases immunity. So give your loved ones this goodness packed bars

Jaggery and Honey

Recipe adapted from Sangeeta Khanna’s blog healthfooddeshivideshi  with little changes

Makes 30 bars


  • White sesame – 500gm
  • Powdered Jaggery – 75 gms
  • Honey – 75gm
  • Desiccated Coconut – 3 tbsp (optional)
  • Sea Salt – 1 tsp
  • Almond meal – 2 tbsp
  • Thinly sliced almonds – 10


In a pan roast the sesame. Please be careful as  they roast very quickly then in  mixer or in mortar and pestle grind them just coarsely not very powdery.  Add jaggery, salt, dessicated coconut, honey and almond meal.   Grease a baking tray and spread this mixture on it. Sprinkle and press the sliced almonds so they stick to the mixture. Bake at 150 C for 20 minutes

After my evening prayers when I offered them these bars to them, including my biggest critic, my son loved them.

On this big day, I just pray to god for good health and happiness of  all the children.



3 thoughts on “Sesame Honey & Jaggery Bars…seeking blessing from Lord Ganesha on Sakat Chauth

  1. Lovely. So glad you liked these bars 🙂
    My mom makes a different tilkut on sakath chauth btw, it is a softer and uncooked version with some ghee and made using kale til. I am so craving for those now and going to make them before the winters wane.

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