Beetroot and Hot Chocolate milk with Marshmallows


Sometimes it’s the most simple things that give us the greatest pleasure…….. beetroot and hot chocolate milk.

After this life couldn’t be more simple when it comes to enjoy something hot and spicy.

Beetroot milk

If beetroot puree  is lying in your freeze, you can immediately make this.  Just a  quick boil  and get ready to enjoy the most delicious and healthy cup.

Beetroot and Chocolate Hot Milk

After I saw this recipe on Khana Khazana,   I was smitten but I was not sure how it would taste.  I decided that I will this beautiful looking milk a try and after this  I always make sure that the puree of beetroot is there in my freeze.   So that whenever I crave for something hot and chocolaty I can immediately enjoy the pleasure.


However  I don’t like milk  at all and I have stopped drinking after I got pregnant but now I wait to  have this milk every day, it always leave me wanting for more.   I made so many variations of this recipe like by adding some dark chocolate then by adding white chocolate, with some cream but finally  my cup has just some spoons of puree,  milk  and a dash of cinnamon .   I would love to try this in shakes too.  Now when summers are just around the corner, I can try that too. But still you are left some days of cold to enjoy this hot health pack drink.


Serves – 1


  • Beetroot puree (made by boiling  diced beetroot in some water for about half an hour on slow flame) – 2 tbsp
  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Cinnamon – ¼ tsp
  • Chocolate piece – as per your taste
  • Marshmallow – 1 (optional)
  • Grated chocolate for garnish (optional)


Of course you can alter the quantity of puree according to your taste like for me 2 tablespoons works fine.

In a pan mix all the ingredients except marshmallow and give it a one boil.   Pour this in a cup garnish it with a marshmallow and some grated chocolate.


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