Baked Honey and Mustard Cashews

honey and mustard coated cashews

No matter how much you make them, they will fall short of. They came out so addictive that whenever we passed through this box,  we have to pick some from the box with a vouch that now no more but again came back.
We all know cashew nuts were known for its antioxidants property other than large amount of fats, which is good for children.

honey and mustard cashews
I didn’t plan anything, just one day while cleaning my almirah I found them; they were lying with me from the Diwali days. All other nuts received or bought were consumed, leaving alone only these poor err rich nuts.

Honey and Mustard Cashews
Now when summer is approaching fast and fearing that  they will get rotten I decided to use them.  Of course, I can keep them in freeze but only,  if there, was any place left after stocking so much (my baking stuff) in my medium size freeze. I take them out thinking I will make salted cashews with them.

Honey and mustard cashews
Days went by and they lied there waiting to transform themselves into salted one. Some days later I found a post by Jamie and I wait no longer further. At first when they came out of the oven,  as you can see they were all sticky and even some juices were there. I thought they were all spoiled because I can’t bake them more to absorb the juices because they were already browned.  But a little later when they cool down and I rolled them in sugar and pepper powder their stickiness as well as moistness was all gone.
So don’t wait, make and serve them to your guest I am sure you will hear all praises and nothing else.

Honey and mustard cashews

makes 1 1/2 cups
Recipe adapted from  Joy the Baker


• 1 1/2 cups raw cashews
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 1 tablespoon olive oil
• 1 1/2 teaspoons ground yellow mustard seed
• 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
• 1/4 teaspoon crushed black pepper

For tossing

• granulated sugar – 2 tsp
• Pepper – 1/4 tsp

Preheat oven to 180 degree C. Line a baking tray with butter paper.
In a pan stir together honey, olive oil, mustard, pepper and salt until the honey dissolves or becomes thin for better coating. Toss cashews into mixture and stir until all of the cashews are coated.
Spread cashews in a single layer on baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes, remember to stir after ever 2 – 3 minutes. The nuts can burn quickly.
Remove from oven. Toss in a mixture of sugar and pepper. Allow to cool before enjoying.

honey and mustard cashews


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