Mango Coconut and Tapioca Pearl Pudding….feasting in Navratras

Mango and coconut pudding

Tapioca pearl  is one of the item which is widely consumed during fasting period.  It is high on carbs and low on fats so after having this you can feel fuller for long.

Mango coconut and sago pudding

But when I was writing this post I used the term Sago instead of Tapioca.   One of my   dear friend Dassana Amit informed me that in India, we use  tapioca pearls and not sago.

Mango coconut and Tapioca Pudding

Pearl tapioca  closely resembles pearl sago. Both typically are small (about 2 mm diameter) dry, opaque balls. Both may be white (if very pure) or colored naturally grey, brown or black, or artificially pink, yellow, green, etc. When soaked and cooked, both become much larger, translucent, soft and spongy.  But both were different in their botanical origin. While the sago comes from the middle part of the trunk of the sago palm, the tapioca comes from the tuber of cassava or manioc which grows in tropical weather.(source Wikipedia)

Mango and sago Pudding

I made this on the second last Navratra when we all observed fast. My son too followed our tradition and kept this fast. To him fasting means having lots of potato pakoras(fritters) (with buckwheat flour) but a little later he started feeling hungry again.   I had this in mind for a very long time and that day was perfect for it.   Above all,  it fulfill my son’s demand of something cool and fruity.   He and we all loved it and later, he said, “Mom, you should make this often.”  I couldn’t ask for anything else, than listening something favorable from my son.

mango coconut and sago pudding

Serves 10


  • Tapioca Pearl – 100 gm
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp
  • Coconut milk – 200ml
  • Milk – 50 ml
  • Pulp of 1 mango


Soak tapioca in 1 cup of water overnight. Next day drain the excess liquid. Boil 1 cup of water and pour the drained tapioca into the boiling water and let it simmer until the tapioca got translucent. Drain and rinse them with cold water to remove the starch from the tapioca. In another pan heat coconut milk, milk and sugar on slow flame. As soon as the bubbles appear on the sides add tapioca pearl and let it simmer for another 1 minute. Let it come on room temperature then add mango pulp. Pour this in shot glasses and keep this in the freeze until chilled. Garnish with mango pulp and mint leave.



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