Baked Popped Amaranth and Foxnut Muesli with strawberries

Baked MuesliMy latest obsession is to grow, vegetables and herbs in my tiny balcony(buying props were a passé now). I already have tomato, lady finger and brinjal and some herbs like mint, basil, oregano, celery and curry leaves.  I want to add more and more plants in my tiny balcony but with no knowledge of when and how to grow these, I am just taking baby steps in planting all these stuff.

ingredients for muesli

My other  obsession is using  different flours in my baking. Thanks to very talented Sangeeta, for her time to time posts on her blog with  so many flours,  which I might have heard of,  but never think of including in our diet. Her recipes with them, tempted me to try these flours.  I discovered amaranth too  on  her blog, which  has now became a  part of our everyday meal.  My this recipe is adapted from Healthy food deshi and videshi, a blog by her. When I saw this recipe on her blog I knew I will be   baking this soon.

baked muesli

Before that, I have baked  granola which  was often confused with muesli.   At least, I was,  after knowing that muesli too can be baked.  But later reading about them, I found that they were different and the difference lies in fat and sugar.  Granola is baked  by adding sugar and oil in it and muesli is  sugarless and fatless.

In this recipe, as fresh strawberries were added so it becomes necessary to dehydrate them through baking.


Of course you can skip the strawberries and make it simpler by just roasting almonds and foxnuts and when it cooled  down, you can add popped amaranth, cranberry and raisins.  But I want to experience the magic of dehydration and what better way than this.

Muesli with curd and fresh fruit

I don’t like cereals so much, specially with milk but I just love having my muesli with curd and some jam. I can easily spend my whole day eating this combination with different jams, which I have always in plenty of in my fridge, (those who know me, knew how much I love making jams and and having them too). Recently I made mulberry jam.

mulberry jamPlease note. I diced the strawberries unevenly, but I think if I diced them evenly and most importantly in smaller pieces it will take less time in oven.  


  • Popped Amaranth – 250 gms
  • Chopped makhana or foxnuts – 150gm
  • chopped almonds – 100 gm
  • chopped walnuts – 60 gm
  • fresh strawberries 250 gm sliced

Add on

  • cranberries 50 gm chopped
  • raisins 50 gm chopped


Preheat the oven at 150 degree C. In a bowl mix popped amaranth, makhana, almonds and strawberries. Take a big tray in which the mixture can be baked evenly. Remember to stir the mixture after every 15 minutes and after 45 minutes keep an eyes and stir more occasionally. You will also notice that amaranth seeds will get rolled down with strawberry slices. Bake till strawberries were completely dehydrated. It took my muesli around 1 hour and 15 minutes to bake. Let it cool on a  rack after it cooled down completely add raisins and cranberry. Store in an air tight container. Enjoy with cold or hot milk and with some seasonal fresh fruit or like me with some curd.


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