Rose Kulfi

rose kulfi

My family members are crazy about ice creams and in summers it is a must in our home and to your surprise we can finish a big brick in just two days. I wish their taste buds were shifted to cakes so that I can bake cake more often. I don’t enjoy making ice creams or other frozen yogurt as much as I enjoy baking but that doesn’t mean my recipes are not good, it is just that I take shortcut in some of the steps, like in this I skip the step of churning after every two hours and that resulted in a kulfi with ice crystals.


Now coming to Rose Kulfi, I know it doesn’t look so inviting as it supposed to be. Firstly,  it has ice crystals in it and secondly I didn’t add the required rose syrup in it as it was almost finished in my house. You can notice the color is not so pink and the other is, it’s not so smooth. Otherwise it was as delicious as you had in the market.


We were introduced to Rose kulfi only last year by one of my son’s friend and after that I tried making it at home. It was so loved by all of them that I didn’t get the chance to photograph them .

We all know base of all ice creams or kulfi is more or like same. So I followed my Pineapple kulfi recipe with a little bit of adjustment of flavor. This year I ought to try that again.


Recently I tried one more  ice cream recipe (share soon) in which to avoid ice crystals I churn  it in the mixer after every two hours and that too just for two times and it resulted in a very smooth ice cream.

One more thing I learnt that if you add some booze to the ice cream it will help in preventing making the ice crystals in the ice cream that I still have to try.


Serves 6


  • Milk – 1 litre
  • Sugar – ¼ cup
  • Rose essence – 1tsp
  • Rose syrup – 1 tbsp (it will be enough to give you the desired result though I added just some drops)
  • Cream – 100ml(optional)


Pour the milk in a heavy bottom pan. Reduce the milk to   one- fourth.  Stirring is occasionally in the beginning and later continuously on slow flame.  Add sugar and rose essence and give it a one boil and check whether the sugar has dissolved or not, if not, let it melt down and rose syrup.  Let it cool down in room temperature.  Now mix in the cream with hand blender and pour this in an air tight container. After every two hours (just for two times) blend it in the mixture, that helps in preventing formation of ice crystals.



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