4 Ingredients Granola

4 ingredients granolaI was supposed to post this yesterday but my son took me with him for his swimming classes . However he still doesn’t know how to swim but was enjoying doing his own stunts in the pool. I being a non swimmer,  thought he has lost his balance and I jumped from my seat in fear and then suddenly he pops up from somewhere. He continues to scare me till the class was over. When asked my husband about this, he told me that that was his everyday affair. I remember until last to last year we have to push him hard to go for swimming classes. Later we realized that he did not like his coach interference in his fun activities and that resulted in, he stopped swimming altogether.

4 ingredients granola
This year we decided that we will let him learn in his own way like earlier people used to learn. Till now, he is enjoying and loved going there and that’s first and last step to learn something. Likewise I am doing or baking things in my own convenient way.

4 ingredints granola
I baked granola without any nuts and chocolates because I normally don’t buy that many nuts in summers as they tend to spoil very easily. But that doesn’t mean that it was less healthy in any way. It was as good as with nuts, and popped amaranth added the required nutrition to this. I just loved it but my husband has stopped playing my guinea pig anymore so he didn’t taste it. I loved having this with curd, milk, jams and fruits or just eating as a snack yes, that too tasted wonderful. It was an old post so when I was compiling this post I really feel the wonderful flavors in my mouth. Can’t wait to make one my next batch tomorrow.

4 ingredients granola

• Oats – 3 cups
• Popped Amaranth – 1 cup
• Honey – 4 tbsp
• Oil – 1/3 cup


Preheat the oven at 180 degree C. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Line a tray with baking paper. Spread this mixture all over the tray evenly and bake for 30 minutes. Keep stirring in between. When it cools down, store in an airtight container



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