Sabja or Sweet Basil Seeds Ice cream with Rose Syrup…summer treat

sabja seeds ice cream with rose syrup
My bookmarked recipes are increasing day by day but whenever I want to bake or cook something I forget to check it in my bookmarked recipes. So to save myself from such situations I save the image of whatever catches my utmost attention as my wallpaper and next important as my screensaver so that it keep recalling me  what next to be baked. Now you know, if you notice my mobile what next would be baking in my kitchen.

sabja seeds ice cream

I saw this recipe on  Vegrecipesofindia and I just loved it.  Whenever I found any new recipe, which was unheard of, and easy to make I always felt the need to share that with my readers.  But there was one more reason for trying this, as falooda kulfi is my husband’s favorite and when I read the recipe I found it so easy and I had all  the ingredients except Sweet Basil Seeds.

Sabja seed

I searched every small shop to all the hop notch markets but either to some it was an alien ingredient like it was to me or  some in confusion handed me the expensive chia seeds, in ignorance, I might buy that but after knowing price of chia seeds, I thought I would better confirm it on the net and found that they were different. I have even requested my family members to check this in their market but they all failed and finally on the recommendation of a neighbor I went to the suggested shop in this scorching heat. Finally, there the shopkeeper told me that here it is known by the name “Tukmalanga”.

Sabja seeds were known for its cooling properties but other than that it a magical ingredient for dieters and for those who have high blood sugar because it controls sugar and you feel full after having this. It is a good source of fiber also.

Sabja seeds ice cream with rice noodles
The only thing I changed in this recipe is, I used rice noodles(a healthier option) instead of falooda sev. In this recipe everything can be adjusted according to your taste, I just explained the rough idea of the recipe. You can even add nuts of other syrups of your choice.

In our home this recipe is in constant demand after that. We all loved it. You can use any ice cream or kulfi instead. Traditionally Falooda kulfi is made out of just some syrup, falooda sev(vermicelli made from corn starch), kulfi and some nuts. I opted for an easy one.

Sabja seeds ice cream with rice noodles
• Rice noodles – ⅓ cup (I used instead of falooda sev)
• Soaked sabja seeds/sweet basil seeds – 5 tbsp
• chilled whole milk – 4 cups
• vanilla ice cream – 4 scoops
• rose syrup – 6 tbsp


Soak 1 tbsp Sabja seeds in ½ cup of water for 1 hour before. Drain the extra water after they become plump. Make the rice noodles by taking a big bowl and putting the noodles in it and pour enough boiling water, so that water will cover all the noodles then cover it with a lid. After 5 minutes take out the noodles and rinse them in cold water to avoid overcooking.

Take 4 serving glasses. Make layers by pouring 1 tbsp of rose syrup into each glass then make another layer of rice noodles. Make third layer of Sabja seeds. Next in a slow stream, pour about 1 cup of milk into each glass. Finally top with one scoop of ice cream. Drizzle some rose syrup over.

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