Rose Syrup with dry rose petals

rose syrup

Yesterday rainfall was an unexpected one. After so many days of hide and seek it finally shown. As I step out of my room for my evening cup of tea, I was delighted to see showering.  I immediately welcomed it by opening all the doors of my house. I let the fresh and cool air come in. A pleasant atmosphere is always enough to make you cheerful and we ladies are  when happy, they love to cook something special for their loved ones . I decided to celebrate it by making a wonderful dinner for all of us.

rose petals in hot water

Today too, I was aware that  weather would be perfect after yesterday’s heavy rainfall I got up early to sit a little longer and  to take a deep breath. I sat down in my balcony  with  my routine cup of tea to watch the clouds come and go. After a little breather I rushed back to my kitchen to pack lunch for my son.

rose syrup
After sending him to school, it’s the time for another cup with my husband who was still slept. I brought my diary to pen down my thoughts. After that, I got up as whole lots of work were calling my name, morning time is certainly not the perfect time for all such leisure of life.  As usual, I relaxed down at 12.30 taking my laptop to share  a recipe which was so easy to make.

rose syrup

Syrup was something I haven’t share on my blog before. I made this when I wanted to make Sabja seeds ice cream with rose syrup but rose syrup was not at home at that time. I decided to make that at home from  dry rose petals which I bought some time back.

You can use this syrup in  your milk or to your ice creams, cakes and other desserts.

rose syrup
Recipe adapted from Dishing with Diyya

• store brought rose dry petals – 1/2 cup
• Water – 2 cups or 500ml
• Sugar – 1-1/2 cups
• Clove – 1 no
Clean rose petals in running water.
Strain the water to a pan. Place the pan on medium flame and add sugar, clove to the pan. Keep stirring to dissolve the sugar. After the foam starts clearing, water starts to boil. Let it simmer for 10 minutes, switch off.
Let it cool completely, discard the clove. Store the syrup in a sterilized bottle.

rose syrup


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