Peach Jam ….best out of seasonal fruits

Peach JamWhen one by one all my jars of jams were getting finished, I was at first relieved to see lots of empty space in my freeze but it looks my maid was not happy with it and she kept on asking me that why I am not making fresh batch.  To that, my answer was always be I will make it very soon.  But one day she asked whether I can teach her how to make jams. I very happily obliged her by not letting her wait for much time, I immediately cut the peaches lying in the freeze. She was surprised to see how simple is to make them. Next days she told me that her 4 year old son loved the jam I gave to her and said she too will try it soon once they became cheap. And this was not the only jam which I taught her how to make I even show her how to make plum jam too.


There is always something special with seasonal fruit no matter how much jam is lying in the freeze you can’t resist making more with any new seasonal fruit entry.

peach jam To your surprise, I am the only one who eat jam I love having it with chapatti or bread. This jam jells so well that I can promise it will stay good in freeze for more than a year. My batch of plum jam which I made last year stays as good as it was a year earlier. And likewise peach jam too jell just as perfectly as plum jam.

peach jam


  • Peaches, stoned and cut into small pieces – 2 cup
  • Sugar – 1 cup + 1cup (that means half of the quantity of the peaches plus one cup extra)
  • Lemon juice – ½ tsp


Measure the number of cups of peaches you prepared into a tall pot.  In a separate bowl, measure sugar equal to one half the number of cups of peaches you prepared plus one cup.

Using a large wooden handled metal spoon, stir the plums to prevent the mixture from sticking and burning on the bottom of the pot, while heating them on high setting.  As the peach melt in the heat, turn down the heat slightly if needed.

When all of the peaches have become a liquid.  Then add all of the sugar and stir to melt the sugar into the hot liquid.

After stirring the sugar and plum mixture for a few minutes, the heat can be turned down and the jam stirred less vigorously.  After it cools a bit, its thickness can be evaluated to see if when it cools to room temperature, the desired result has been obtained.  If it still looks too runny, a little more time cooking and stirring may be required.

Let the jam cool completely.  Fill the sterilized jars and close the lid tightly.  Keep this jar in the freeze if you want it to stay longer.

peach jam


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