Strawberry and Chocolate Cake…a birthday cake

Strawberry and chocolate cake1

I was supposed to publish this post in the month of March; this was when I made this cake for a beautiful and a very intelligent niece of mine. My son loves all his cousins but she is very special for him.

chocolate sponges

I choose my old favorite sponge recipe.

She might be expecting something very special because earlier I had made  a Doll cake and a Photo cake for her which were beyond my capability but this year I made a very simple cake for her,  I don’t even remember(remember  I made this 6 months back) why I chose a simple decoration, might be I was busy  doing my regular chores, what else?

Doll and photo cake.

Time to use some homemade jam.

Girls always love strawberries and as expected they did the trick, she found it very pretty.


As you can see I have used uncooked strawberry puree to pour over the cake instead of cooked sauce that gives a dull color to the cake. Next time I will keep this in mind.

strawberry and chocolate cake

Once the final preparations were done and I keep this in the freeze to cool down and specially to let the flavors infuse.

strawberry and chocolate cake4

When I put this in the freeze for the first time thinking it was complete but as expected I went to check the result of my labor  and I found something was missing so I decorate it with chocolate collar.   After some time I went to check again and this time I  decorate it with strawberries on top. But when I move forward for the third time my husband quietly passed near the kitchen, it was his way to warn me. So I knew that it’s the time to  deliver the cake to her otherwise till evening I will be only doing that.

Strawberry and Chocolate Cake
Recipe adapted from Whirlpool Magicook recipe book


for the sponge

• Whole wheat Flour – 2 ½ cup + 2 tbsp
• Oil – 1 ½ cup
• Sugar – 1 cup + 2 tbsp
• Thick curd – 1 ½ cup
• Coco Powder – 3 tbsp
• Baking Soda – 1 ½ tsp
• Milk – 8 tbsp

Take all the ingredients and mix them well with the electric beater.
Preheat the oven at 180 degree C and pour the batter in 3 greased 6”  inches baking tins and keep it in oven for 30 minutes or till the time when inserted knife comes out completely clean.


for Ganache

• Amul Cream – 150 ml
• Dark Chocolate – 200 g

In a pan, heat cream on slow flame until bubbles starts to appear, add chopped chocolate into it and switch off the gas . Coat the chocolate with the cream. Cover it with some plate. After some time, when with the heatness of cream the entire chocolate melts whisk is properly, so that it forms a shiny and uniform sauce.


for Sugar Syrup

• Water – 1 cup
• Sugar – 1 tsp

Boil water. When bubbles starts to appear add sugar and switch off the gas. Let it come on room temperature. Then put this in the freeze to cool.


for Strawberry Syrup

• Strawberries, chopped – 1cup
• Sugar – 2 tbsp

Blend strawberries and sugar till form smooth and runny syrup.


  • Whipped cream – 1 cup or more if, you want more designs to be made.
  • Strawberry jam – 3 tbsp

Turn out the sponge on a wire rack to cool completely. When cool, sprinkle some sugar syrup then spread a layer of ganache. Drop some strawberry jam all over, then cover with another layer and repeat the above process. Finally put the third and final layer on top sprinkle some sugar syrup then spread a layer of whipped cream all over. Pour some strawberry syrup over. Garnish with fresh strawberries.



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