Jaggery Pooris….on Karwa Chauth

jaggery pooris

An another post so quick, and that too on the big day(Karwa Chauth) itself, when I am juggling between doing my regular chores and  preparing the festival meals all empty stomach.  But there are some stories that will lose their significance if share on some other day.
This is the most important fast, we married ladies observed for the well being and long life of their husbands. My day became more special, when my son applied mehandi/henna on my hands. Actually this was a deliberate affair, to make him like the smell of henna, which he earlier dislikes most.. And I am happy that by  letting him play with this, he started liking this auspicious thing.

mehandi by  an 11 year old
As usual, I took out all my adornments from my almirah which were lying unnoticed since the last karwa chauth.

These are some of the bangles which my father gifted me over the years.  He brought them from all over India. They are very precious to me.

As a ritual, I made these jaggery puris for bana. Today I am sharing the recipe of this most delicious puri I ever had in my life and interestingly they can be stored  wrapped in an any kitchen towel for a week at room temperature.

These will surely win your kids heart and you don’t need anything with this poori for accompaniment.  Whole wheat and jaggery make them healthy too.


I am sharing one more ritual, we follow during this day.  We eat early in the morning before sunrise and after that we don’t eat or drink water during the day till the moon rises. In the evening we listen to the karwa chauth katha from our elders.

The credit of this recipe goes to my mother-in-law, who cooks most delicious food in the world.   I will share some more of her secret recipes in future.  Till then, enjoy this.

jaggery pooris


  • • Gur/jaggery – 200 gm, cut into small pieces
  • • Water – 400ml
  • • Wheat flour – 3 to 4 cups or enough to make a pliable dough

Put Jaggery in a bowl, then pour water over to dissolve the jaggery. Keep this mixture covered for 3 to 4 hours at room temperature. After 3 hours check the mixture, if the jaggery has dissolved then you can add wheat flour to it but if it is not, then keep this mixture covered for some more time. Make pliable dough by adding wheat flour. By applying oil on to your hands make small portion of walnut size of this dough and roll them for about 3 to 4 inches in diameter on a clean surface by applying some oil on the balls. Then fry them in hot oil till it puffs up.

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