Mathura Peda… happy diwali

mathura peda

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

After a long and tiring day, I sat down with my much deserving cup of tea to write or share my Diwali experience. After all, its not just fun it involves lots of work too.  They all have slept and in such peaceful time, when the loud noises of cracker too had slow down, I feel so relaxed and love to relive all those beautiful moments.madura pedaDecorating our house with  Diyas is the most exciting part of the day,  lighting up the small diyas filled with  mustard oil  gives a very warm and earthy feeling.  Any celebration is incomplete without sweets. And if, sweets is homemade and everybody’s favorite,  the joy doubles up.   I  haven’t  made any mithai for  long,  though I know, they  are my son’s favorite but still I make them occasionally. He was so happy to see me making his favorite and didn’t wait  till I give them some shape. He relished every bite of it. They all finished this whole lot in just one single day.khoyaDuring these days, even I didn’t leave any chance to gorge on  these sweet delicacies , sometimes  I woke up even at midnight to have these.Mathura Peda Yesterday,  we had some guests at our house and when I served them sweets(store bought), they asked me to bring something homemade(knowing how much I bake and cook) but unfortunately I didn’t made anything special that day.  I promised them a very special treat after Diwali.  But  to avoid any such embarrassment again, I made these chocolates with all different flavors and fillings.chocolate My son was very happy to have this new cracker, flora fountain. He agreed to burst cracker only on Diwali and that too just limited.   flora mountain

Enamel boxes gifted by my father. Love to see some interesting poses with these in near future.


This time, I found many gadgets were available to decorate rangoli.  My son was very eager to try and buy  them all,  somehow I was able to convince him that we will buy them  next year.

Our this year’s rangoli.rangoli

Recipe adapted from Sanjeev  Kapoor

Makes small 20 balls.  I doubled the recipe.


  • Khoya – 400gms
  • Powdered sugar- 8 tbsp
  • Milk – 200 ml
  • Saffron, some strands (optional)
  • Rose Essence- 2 – 3 drops
  • Pistach  for garnishing


Grate khoya in a bowl.  In a pan over slow heat cook khoya, stirring constantly.  After it turned down a bit brown, it will take around 10 to 12 minutes, add milk and saffron and keep on stirring. First it will become a smooth batter, `but after stirring it  for about  7 to 8 minutes it will become thicker, at this stage add sugar to it and switch off the gas.  It will appear a little liquid at this stage but once it cooled down, it will become harden because of the fat content.  Now you can make ball from them of any size. Make a thumb impression in between and press chopped and blanched pista in the dent..

mathura peda2


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