Aval Nananchathu or Sweet Poha…..a simple life and recipe

aval nananchathuWinter is officially here, but it is still not that teeth shattering cold. We still sleep with our fan on and after 12 noon your sweaters and inner seems like an extra baggage to you. My son too have declared that he won’t wear inner from tomorrow. But during morning time you need to cover yourself well.

As I leave home to drop him to the bus stand I took my stole to cover  my head and nose well to prevent myself from any cold air but  my son prefer to go with just a thin sweater on.

After I wish my son luck for his exam I went to shop for my daily needs.aval nananchathuSelecting vegetables and fruits laid down beautifully on the old wooden cart, is the one work  which I always look forward to especially in winters, when there are complete riots of colors. After picking some colors of nature. I went straight back home thinking about the work to be done today.  As soon as, I entered in the warmness of my house, the beautiful aroma of the vegetable, I cooked for my son in the morning  is still there. I put my bag of vegetables on the slab, which I thought, can be sorted out later. aval nanachathu
My husband too was waiting for me to come, so that I can make breakfast. I too quickly  made some gram flour chilla or pancake for him and put water on another gas for tea. My bad throat too was troubling me for the last two three days and I badly needed a nice and my second cup of ginger tea. We both take tea together then I proceeded to  my other duties i.e. washing.   I might be doing multitasking that time but my mind and heart is all set on posting my  today’s post and was really wishing to finish my work as soon as possible.

Today I am sharing a  very delicious recipe from Kerala with you, which is a perfect healthy snack and  requires no cooking and your children will love it. Thanks to Shema George of LifeScoops for this recipe. This recipe is on her facebook page. She  posted this recipe around one or two months back and since then I have made it so many times on the demand of everybody.

This recipe is so simple that I don’t require a special post for this but sometimes a simple one became a staple dish in your home and I always try to share our favorite with you.
aval nanachathu
• Beaten rice flakes – 2 cups
• Gur(jaggery) , grated – ½ cup or according to your taste (or brown sugar grinded)
• Fresh grated coconut – 1 cup
• Banana or any fruit of your liking, diced – 1
• Roasted and chopped nuts, any – 2 tbsp
Mix rice flakes with water to make them soft. Immediately drain the water through a sieve. Keep it aside for few minutes. Add all other ingredients and mix.


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