Nutri Salad with or without pasta… learning something new everyday from children

Nutri Pasta SaladTime of the month has come when most of our stock  of our daily needs has finished and needs refilling.  But I waited for my son to come as he loves filling his cart as much as I do but arranging them in jars is a task I hate.persimmon
After breakfast, my husband packed for work.  It was already 12 and I too needed a break from work, after giving a  final touch up of cleaning to my kitchen I went for bath. I took oats  for breakfast, which I made them with a twist and were  super duper delicious (will share how  soon).  I  then, went out in the sun to chat for full half an hour with my  mom.  Everyday I found it very relaxing and therapeutic to talk to her about everything including work, health and other issues.  Very soon I  realized that time has flew off and I rushed back home to welcome my son.  nutri pasta salad
After having our lunch we both went for grocery shopping, we filled our trolley with all necessary items required, then came the fun part and we added lots of other things which we both found interesting and were not exactly required in our home but when we shop we ought to bring something unmeaningful home.  nutri pasta saladOn the way home, I noticed how some ladies were doing yoga in our neighborhood park. I feel so inspired that immediately after reaching  home, I took out my most ignored books on yoga from my almirah and  started doing some asanas by reading  from it.   My son came to me and said, “Close this book Muma, I will teach  you how to do this asana”. I was amazed to see that he told me exactly the way it was written. We later  did many more asanas together.  books on yoga

pasta salad
On last Thursday, I instructed him some steps, required to make pasta, as they were having some competition in the school. When he came back home he told me that their team has won the competition,  he was so happy that he made the same pasta for us in the evening with an altogether different recipe.   It was so tasty that since then I am having it regularly. Of course, I made it simple by omitting some of the ingredients and reducing some fattening ingredients so that we can easily made it on our day to day basis without feeling guilty.nutri pasta salad
He told me that his classmates made some very interesting pastas  and how one group has amazed everybody by adding chocolate into pasta.  But their team won as their presentation and taste both were amazing. nutri pasta salad
• Boiled pasta – ½ cup or some more fruit of your choice*
• Apple with skin, cut into very small pieces – 1
• Persimmon, peeled and diced – 1
• Curd – 1 cup (not sour)
• Icing sugar – 1 tbsp
• Salt – ¼ tsp
• Pepper – 1tsp
• Pizza seasoning – 1 tsp
• Red and yellow pepper, cut into very small pieces – ½ cup
• Capsicum, cut into very small pieces – ¼ cup
• Mayonnaise – 1 tsp (optional)
*You can replace the pasta with some more fruit and it tastes equally good. Sugar and other seasoning can be adjusted according to your taste but I found this ratio just perfect for my taste.
In a bowl mix curd and mayos then season with salt, pepper, pizza seasoning and icing sugar. In another bowl mix all the vegetables, pasta and fruits. Now mix the curd mixture with all the vegetables and fruit mixture. Decorate with some diced fruits.

nutri pasta salad


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