Persimmon Salad with Basil Vinaigrette Dressing

persimmon saladWe all had a very happy weekend,  my son had his best time  playing with his friends both indoor and outdoor, I  too had a relaxed time watching him play football, Domino, monoply, life and many more games with his friend,  I clicked lots of photographs.  As decided,  we didn’t visit  any mall but we  watched two movies in theater, just my son and me, as my husband had fever and he preferred resting and watching movies in bed at home.home cooked food

spinach soup

Enjoyed some home cooked food.natureclicked some photos in the sun and watch my son at homeLet’s start with Friday morning after putting some clothes in the washing machine, I made this salad by cutting some persimmons  lying on the counter for long and started to shrink a little.  I picked some  small spinach leaves from the bunch and added them to my salad.  To make it more delicious I spoon some basil vinaigrette over.   While he and my mother in law preferred to have this salad later, I sat down with my bowl and newspaper and found 4.20 show in the evening just perfectly fits our schedule.persimmon

At 4.20 we both settled on our seats with our cup of coffee to watch (Bhopal, a prayer for rain).  There,  I over hear a lady, who was was  telling someone on the phone that she came alone as her kids had refused to come with her to watch such movies. Luckily, my son enjoy these kinds of movies and understands them as well.basil Vinaigrette It was a very sensitive true story of Bhopal gas victims and I could not express what I felt while watching the movie I just hold my son’s hand tight. Whatever happened was so merciless, so painful and so inhuman.basil leaves

My husband came  to pick us up; as he drove the car my son asked various questions about the tragedy and the terms used in the movie. I sat quietly and listened to him, as he answered his questions. Our next day spend in preparing for his FA exams and on Sunday we watch Exodus, another great movie.persimmon saladI made some Persimmon cheese cake too.


persimmon cheesecake

Recipe adapted from Food52

• Persimmon, peeled and cubed – 3
• Olive oil – 1 tbsp
• Small spinach leaves – a handful
• Salt and pepper to taste
• Cottage cheese – 100 gm
• Walnuts – 10 cut into small pieces
• Basil vinaigrette (recipe follows) – 1 tbsp
In a mixing bowl add chopped persimmon, spinach leaves, cheese small pieces, salt and pepper and walnuts. Finally spoon some basil vinaigrette over.
• 1/4 cup basil leaves, packed
• 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
• 1tsp cup vinegar
• 1 tsp – tsp mustard powder
• pinch of salt and pepper

Blanch basil for about 20 seconds until vibrant green, and then run under cold water to stop cooking. Squeeze excess water from basil leaves. Make a paste of it on mortar and pestle than carefully add all other ingredients. Make sure that oil is well emulsified. If you are making in large quantity then you can make it in mixer grinder.


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