Egg less Multigrain Strawberry Scones with Choco Chips… everyday

  I couldn’t help smiling after seeing the changed or better say  summer colors in my wardrobe.  The beautiful vibrant colors can make anybody happy then how can I be indifferent.   summer colorsWhenever we moves from one season to another, lots of adjustment has to be made in our homes and it became more tiresome when your forever hungry child’s final exams are on.Multi grain strawberry scones with choco chipsAfter making the necessary adjustments, I sat down in my balcony where the sunshine has just started to appear,  made a few papers for Hindi for him then  lie down there to watch the sun come and go.


As soon as the sun sets, I got up and went into the kitchen to make dinner where I found no oil for cooking and all jars were also showing the same sign.  I realized that the time has come for some refilling.

Seeking my son’s company, I asked whether he would like accompany me to grocery store.  As anticipated, he agreed, knowing this trip would lead him a chocolate of his choice.

On our way home, after picking the necessary items,  I  noticed something amazing, a sweet lemon tree blossoming with  thousands of  fragrant white flowers.

We both stopped there to marvel at the amazing beauty and to smell the beautiful fragrance.  A little later,  many more like us  gathered around  to appreciate and to smell.   Soon, we moved from that place wondering  how, a tree which remained unknown and unnoticed for years, has now became the center of attraction of every passerby.sweet lemon tree

Back  home, my husband was already home, waiting for me to serve dinner.  We all had dinner and after putting him to bed, I sat down to jot down  what I have experienced today, of course, with a much needed cup of tea.multigrain strawberry scones with choco chiips Today, I am sharing a recipe of Scones, which I made just a few days before.

I had scone in mind for very long, specially considering the fact that, I haven’t put any scone recipe on my blog yet.  But, was a little afraid in  trying them  again.   I  remembered,  how in  my last attempt, the recipe I followed, had eggs  and the use of vanilla essence was not mentioned.  As a newbie in baking then, I followed the recipe exactly the same way  it mentioned, and as expected, eggs brought the very eggy smell to the scone,

Though I have read somewhere that they were actually made that way only, but to make it likeable  we have to make some adjustment.  Multigrain strawberry scones with choco chipsBut when I came across this recipe which required no eggs and have all the necessary ingredients in the freeze, I  gave it a go.

I know they are a bit rich  but, otherwise this recipe  will definitely makes your sweet tooth happy and satisfied.

I have made a bit changes in the original recipe.
Recipe adapted from Smitten Kitchen
• Multigrain flour – 1 1/8 cup
• Baking powder – ½ tbsp
• Castor sugar – 1/8 cup
• Salt – ¼ tsp
• Colt Butter – 3 tbsp
• Chopped strawberries – 1 cup
• Cold malai or cream – ½ cup
Preheat the oven at 200 degrees C. Line a baking tray with baking paper.
In a bowl whisk the flour, baking powder and salt together. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Rub the cold butter into the mixture until it resembles like crumble. Finally add the chopped strawberries and cream and mix lightly, remember do not overwork on this mass.
Generously flour your counter. Transfer your dough to the counter, generously flour the top of it and with your hands or a rolling pin, gently roll or press the dough out to a rough circle. Cut into wedges. Carefully transfer scones to prepared baking sheet, leaving a couple inches between each.
Bake the scones for 12 to 15 minutes, until light brown color starts appearing on the top. Cool in pan for a minute, and then transfer to a cooling rack. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Please note.  I added some choco chips and some oats on top and press them a little before baking.