Amla or Indian Gooseberry Chutney….winter goodness

amla chutneyAfter our night meal, we ended our day (or better say ‘his’) by telling each other a story.   It is not every day that my son tells me a story but sometimes he does, whenever he came across some very interesting book. Last week, he got  Dragon Prophecy, issued from his school library, which he found very interesting to share. Then came my turn, although I don’t read or remember any stories but sometimes to make him happy I do try to read some books.

After he slept, I checked the time, it was 2200 hrs. not very late to have some hearty conversation with you.  I quietly lifted his hand which was rested over me and came to the drawing room,  where nowadays,  I don’t feel as cold as it was in the past few months. Weather is certainly visit
Last Sunday, we finally got the chance to visit the school, which we we have been looking forward to see, for many days.  There we met some very compassionate and committed  teachers who welcomed us in their school. They, very generously opened the gates of their school library for my son, which stores more  than 5000 books.  While my son sat down  to read  some table magazines, I prefer to watch every corner of the school, which was an experience in itself.

The teachers over there,  dream very big for their students and were working very hard to achieve this (I know this, because my husband too, is one of them).

winter greensgarlic root chutney
This season my son developed a great taste in some winter greens, this led me to experiment more in my kitchen. I tried many foolproof recipes of some of the great bloggers and Sangeeta of healthfooddeshivideshi is one on them.amla chutney
Recipe adapted from healthfooddeshivideshi.

• Indian gooseberries – 250 gm
• Water – 1 cup
• Mustard powder – 1 tbsp
• ginger chopped – 2 tbsp
• garlic cloves – 15 or more
• green chillies – 10 or more
• salt to taste
• turmeric powder – 1.5 tbsp
• mustard oil – 2 tsp
Boil the amla with a cup of water until the segments of the amla release the seeds. In a mixie jar blend all the ingredients except oil. Once ready add oil and serve. .

amla chutney


One thought on “Amla or Indian Gooseberry Chutney….winter goodness

  1. These home maid chutneys are actually very healthy rather than buying from outside. Thank u for the recipe of course. Will surely prepare and share the feedback with u.

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