Vanilla Panna Cotta with strawberry Jam…a new start

black and whiteWhen I was child, I was always eager to  start a new year in  school. The feel, the touch of everything new used to  make me  super excited and happy. And so, to hear what my son has to say about  arising of his new session, I sat down with him in my balcony to chat.vanilla panna cottaHe told me that he too is super excited but for now he wants to enjoy his last holiday.  And, on that short note, he started instructing me the strategy of his new game ‘Pokemon’, which I too listened with great interest while watching my dull street along. There, I watched  a concerned mom scolding her daughter very sharply (just like me),   who went on her bicycle without informing her and that led her to search for her all  around.   She was worried when she didn’t found  her  home.  But before, I could inspect further, my son realized that my concentration is somewhere else.  vanilla panna cottaLife has speed up lately or may be I have slowed down a bit,  feeding my family  and doing the much required regular chores is all I managed to do in the last few days and that too out of compulsion.  Is this the sign of aging???  May be or may be not!!! But it is true that I am approaching that point in time where I tend to start thinking that way.

But today  after dropping my son to the bus stand, when I came  back home and noticed the big webs all over the walls and my  un manicured plants, I realized it can’t work to be lazy.   So in order to pump me up, I  brought my scissors (another favorite past time) to trim and to weed my plants but before I finished my this job a call for breakfast came  and I stopped there and then and went into the kitchen to make cheese sandwich(and this time in a happy mood).vanilla panna cotta
Later in the afternoon, I even  went to  a nearby park to  learn a bit  about aperture and some different combinations.  These are the few glimpses of whatever my camera caughtblack and whitefootpathbirdsmulberry tree

I made this panna cotta a few day back since then Virat has asked  several times to make that again but I felt too lazy.  But today, he will be surprised and very happy to see this on his table once again when  he came back from school.strawberry jam
A big batch of strawberry jam I made recently.

Recipe adapted from Sanjeev Kapoor’s show “The Cook Smart”
Fresh cream or malai – 200gm
Milk – 1 cup
Sugar – ¼ cup
Vanilla extract – 1 tsp
Gelatin – 2 tsp

In a pan boil the cream and milk and sugar. Switch off the gas add the gelatin into the milk mixture and stir well. Strain the mixture in another bowl. Pour the mixture into the desired ramekins and drop some chopped strawberries. Place them in a refrigerator for overnight setting. Once set spoon strawberry jam and serve chilled.


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