Apple Som Tam Salad…an evening

I put my small pot over the gas pouring some very little milk and sugar, the way I like my tea to be, then took my cup out in the balcony to watch some ordinary, some extraordinary activities in my wonder lane.

As I sank down low in my chair, a Koel immediately drew my attention.    I recognize her by it’s  amazing  cookoo song.  What a lovely start to my evening, I told myself.  But after a few notes, she flew away.   She didn’t appear again, but a little later, I saw some parrots flew over to the same tree. As I watched that  my son came with a mango, a knife and a plate.parrots

As I cut the mango, he pointed his finger on a  peacock.  And there, I began again, telling him an another story from my past.   PEACOCK

I told him about a few visits we made at my naani’s ancestral house when we were small.  Those were the best holidays  of my life and  I really cherish those memories, I told him how  each day a peacock or some other bird  used to drop some feather on the roof and our very first activity of our days there was to collect them everyday .  He listened with great interest .

But before I tell him more of my past, I noticed a pot vendor, who was displaying a huge collection of colorful and some regular pots to my  neighbor. pot vendor

When the pot vendor found me  looking at this cart with great desire, he offered some great deals. Even my son urges me to buy a very colorful stool.  But   I  was in no mood, as it’s already been very late and  I have to  head inside my kitchen to prepare dinner. Disappointingly, he puts everything back in his cart and peddled off.


The loosen glow from the sky gave me hints to get up and cook something for the family.  When I lifted my empty cup to go inside a squirrel came out from nowhere and opted to walk alone in a un congested path.   We both laughed. Without letting me distracted by any such activities more, I fetched the laundry hanging on the clothesline and threw them down on a chair and went into the kitchen to cook dinner. apple som tam salad
My today’s recipe is of salad, which is made quite often in my kitchen and is a favorite of my husband.

When I came across this recipe, I liked it’s fancy name and that led me to try one out.  Later, when I read about this on net, I discovered that it is a very popular thai salad and traditionally made with unripe papaya, shrimp and cherry tomatoes.  apple

Recipe adapted from Good Food Magazine, September 2014
• Apples – 2
• Limes- 2, juiced
• Garlic – 1 clove, crushed
• Red chilli – 1 medium, roughly chopped
• Roasted peanuts – a handful, roasted
• Light soya sauce – 1 tbsp
• Light brown sugar – 1 tbsp
• Green beans – 125 gm
• Coriander leaves – a handful
Core and thinly slice the apples, then toss with the juice of half a lime. Crush the garlic with the help of mortar and pestle, and then add most of the chilli and 1 tbsp of the peanuts, and pound together until the nuts are well crushed. Stir in the light soy sauce, sugar and the remaining lime. Bruise the beans slightly with the pestle. Toss with the coriander and serve scattered with more whole peanuts.


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