Eggless Mango Mousse with Quark Cheese….a happy day

mango mousseAs I sat down to write this post, I realized my  thoughts, my words repetitive.  Though my last few days were engulfed with many new activities like watching the beautiful Aravalli Hills during a  long drive with my family,  a visit to  Birla Mandir along  with some new friends,  got my son’s eyes checked up after  his frequent headache complaints.IMG_1728

Each and every experience was  very  enriching,  yet every time  I typed out paragraphs to talk about  these experiences, the words coming out were same.  After struggling a lot,  I failed to bring any change.  I hope  my these repetitive words will not weaken the bond between us. mango mousse
Last Sunday, as usual after having our lunch we were watching some movie lying on our bed.  Suddenly he asked if we want to go to Delhi Haat.  I was surprised and happy  but when  he  added that  we won’t stay there for more than hour, I wondered,  how can one explore such a beautiful place in just an hour. But I know how to make that  possible, so I grabbed the offer, albeit all conditions.

After packing  a few apples and some bottles of water, I jumped into the car.  As usual,   I started the conversation by telling him how he dislike going there when he was 2 months old. Then, Inder hold together the thread of talk by sharing many more stories of that time and that gave me a feeling that  we must time and again share our stories with our children as that helps to cement a relationship and also helps them to connect with their past.


My son's first visit to Delhi Haat

My son’s first visit to Delhi Haat

Later, he even care to stop the car at places where we took him  when he was very small.  He looked at all those places very carefully as if, holding those memories in his heart for forever. Then I recalled a query about Stephen Hawking, Virat asked me a few days ago.    At  that time, I only knew that he is a great physicist. But later, I Google search to tell him.

After lots of conversation and listening to my favorites,  we finally reached our destination.  There they stopped to have their staple Momos and fruit beer while I,  without wasting any minute I got up and asked Virat whether he wants to come with me or not?  He opted to join me.

clock stall manipal black pottery

I have a small collection of black pottery at home so I didn’t pick any this time.

I hardly notice any cloth shop but thought this may interest you.

This blue  pottery also fascinates me  but I kept myself happy by taking home a picture only.

When I was clicking that picture the lady (above)) gave me a stink eye. Only later, I  realized later  why. (read above–no picture clicking).

After we reached home there wasn’t enough energy left for making a cake for our marriage anniversary.  So we celebrated  with this mousse and pizza ordered from outside. This mousse is our family’s favorite, hopefully your family like it too.

These beautiful shot glasses were gift from my very sweet brother and sister-in-law when I last visited mousse

Quark cheese – 140 gm
• Single cream, unsweetened – 200ml
• Mango pulp of 1 small
• Sugar – 1/3 cup + ½ (1/3 cup) (add more, if desire)
• Buttermilk – ½ cup (you can skip this one if, you want a thick mousse)

Blend all together.


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