Phalsa or Grewia Asiatica Sherbet..summer relief

gulmohar leave

Nothing has been planned for his holiday starting next week. But as a parent it is my duty to see that amidst all the fun,  a good measure of learning too would be there.

His busy hands.

Last Friday, we were told that swimming pool has been opened . We both were very happy,  he has an obvious reason but I was happy that I will get an hour extra with nothing to do but watch. GULMOHAR TREE
We were midway when my son pointed his fingers towards a tree bloomed with red and orange flowers. I told him that it is Gulmohar. He then asked, “Mom, how these delicate flowers doesn’t shrivel even in such heat, specially when no care is being taken to nourish  and protect them?”  Hearing this, I gave him the very cliche answer that some flowers and plants requires only such weather to bloom . But actually the whole process was as mysterious to me, as it was for him.

Later,  I   showed him other colors of summer too.SUNFLOWER
Finally, when we reached there he run towards the changing room to take a shower and I pulled a chair at one corner so that I can watch all quietly. I know you would say its good to be social but at times you need some peaceful moments to enjoy things.

When  I got up to stroll here and there, I saw a bat coming closer to the pool  I was scared, very scared. At first, I thought it will sink in, but then she took the flight up.  She repeatedly did this over a number of times and later fly off somewhere in the dark. I decided that I will not tell about this to my son.

When we came out, the road was all lit up with yellow lights and looked busier than any other time of the day.   We took an e-rick and  as we travel along the heavy traffic on both sides of the road, I continued to think about that bat.

Back home, he went straight into bathroom take bath and I to my kitchen. Phalsa Sherbet

One afternoon, I was rolling the small balls of dough to make chapatis then I heard a voice calling a familiar word “Phalsa”.  Hearing this, I ran towards the balcony  to check.

“Wait Bhaiya.”  I shrieked.   Switching the gas off, I went downstairs and asked him to weigh 250 grams.  And when he lifted  that wet and purple strained cloth from one corner I feel like popping some in my mouth  there and then, but I waited.   He told me that during this peak season he comes on this road every year as one of my neighbors loves them too.  I wonder how in so many years I never noticed him before.

I emptied out half the packet with in a few minutes and with the rest I made this Sherbet.  My son find this a little sour but my husband thinks it is the best drink he ever had.Phalsa or Grewia Acacia

Recipe adapted from Beautycrasher
• ½ Kg Grewia fruit
• 1 liter water
• 1 tablespoon sugar (add more, if desire)
• ½ tablespoon rock salt
• Ice cubes (as per your requirement)
Clean the fruit in some running water. Soak them in half of the water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Crush the pulp then strain it. Add the remaining water to the pulp and rub again so that the pulp separates from the seeds. Strain it. Add sugar and salt. Serve . Add ice cubes in it. Serve this drink chilled.

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