Tres Leches Rice Pudding with Mango Compote…..Monday

Half asleep or half awake when I  came outside in the balcony, the sky  was looking amazing with the beautiful pink and golden color.  I sat down keeping my elbow on the railing.  Soon my son joined in and he pointed his finger towards the dull and faded feathers of peacock.  I told him that he might have grown old.   But certainly the reason of dullness of my plants was something else, I must provide them some shed I thought to myself.   After spending a few more minutes outside with my son and my morning tea,  I stepped out to do a little  grocery shopping.Tres Leches Rice pudding
No matter how uninspiring weather can be, the summer produce always make me happy. I bought some peaches, some green almonds and a few mangoes for today’s dessert.  As I was making the payment a very kind neighbor approached me and asked me to join  her yoga classes.I  promised her I we will join from tomorrow.But after 12 years of  living in my neighborhood she know and very well aware that how introverted I am.   But she laughed and said you must try at least for once.

We spend the afternoon staying indoor by playing various games, baking, eating and reading.

Later, in the evening while going for his swimming class the e-rick driver took a wrong turn and on that wrong route  I watched something unexpected, something magical.  The route was not very posh but the sunset was looking amazing or better say best ever from there .   I curse myself for not bringing my phone or camera along. May be in the next few days I will go there, to photograph.

On the way back home, he expressed his desire to have a pet on his birthday. IMG_2818tres leches rice pudding

The most simplest and tastiest dessert we recently had.  When I was finishing the post I got the news that one of my neice got 96.7% in her 12th board exams. I am feeling so happy so just feel like sharing with you all.

• Milk – 1 litre
• coconut milk – 200ml
• condensed milk about 1/2 a tin (add more, if you find your pudding less sweet)
• rice – ½ cup

for mango compote
• mango puree – 1 cup
• sugar – 2 to 3 tbsp or more (depends how sweet your mango is)
• lemon juice – 2 tbsp
• water – 4 tbsp

For tres leches
Over low heat cook milk and rice until rice is soft, stirring occasionally. It will take about 30 minutes. When rice is cooked add coconut milk and condensed milk and cook for another few minutes. Transfer them in serving bowls and refrigerate for few hours.
For mango compote
In a pan combine all the ingredients and cook them on low heat until it reduced to almost half, stirring constantly. Once done take out in a bowl and put in the refrigerate to chill.

Pour this compote over tres leches rice pudding. Garnish with some nuts.