Cherry tart…reviving some childhood memories in Kamla Nagar

During my vacation to Ghaziabad last week, one day  while watching some movie, a improptu plan to Kamla Nagar was sparked.And this time I made sure that I didn’t miss any opportunity to rekindle some old memories by visiting there.

In the car, I think of the last time I was there.  A year ago, to attend some function but that was a short one and ended by just visiting  the venue.  I never thought, I would return too soon.  As  I was absorbed in my own past; I hear him  giving voice to my thoughts.  He told the kids about the various stories and sentiments attached. When we passed our school, he told them about the very famous onion kachori  sold outside our school premises, the lanes where I learned driving, our bus stops, barber, clinics, the list so as the stories were endless.

Finally, we get down to shop for some snacks, fruits and a few more things. While we shopped, the commentary kept going either from me or from my brother .    My son, who wasn’t too fond of shopping was exhilarated by the stories attached  specially when they were told by his mamu.

Down: Picture on the left shows a very famous snack shop (I couldn’t recall the name right   now).  On the right a a landmark, chota golchakkar.

kamla nDown: A very famous  Chache Di Hatti (on the left) from where our every Sunday’s breakfast of chole bathure used to come which we relished while watching serials like Mahabharat or Ramayan.  The bangle shop(on the right) from where my mother had bought many bangles specially on every Karwa Chauth.KNLane in front of our house, a grocery shop which look exactly like years before.Kamla Nagar2(Down) our parkKamla Nagar5On my insistence, my brother took us to the park (our second home) where we used to  spent most part  of our days.  Vinay too, couldn’t stop laughing seeing the small kids playing cricket in the same park like  his group used to play. Then, when we entered the lane where a piece of my heart still resides, my heart pounds faster. It’s been 24 long years since I last visit this lane.  When we walked, expecting to cross path with someone known but unfortunately no familiar face was seen, I am sure they too like us have moved on to some other place.  our childhood home
Where on one side,  I was hoping to soak more and more,  restlessness amongst the boys on an another side  had started to seep in. So we,  ended that most excited trip with a big mug of spicy fruit beer. As I sat down in our car, all tired, I wished, a visit to my mom’s ancestral house someday. I hope wish fairy or better say wish angel  is hearing my this wish too.

But for now, I thanked and blessed Vinay for bringing down the most cherished and fond memories our way.cherriescherry tart with amaranth

P.N. Please pardon me for the poor quality of the pictures as they were all taken by my phone.

• Whole wheat flour – 1 ¼ cup
• Cold butter, cubed – 100gms
• Castor sugar – ¼ cup
For filling
• Deseeded cherries – 2 cups
• Sugar – 3 tbsp
• Lemon juice – 1 tsp
• Butter – 1 tbsp
• Popped amaranth – 3 tbsp
For filling
Mix all the ingredients of filling in a bowl.
For tart
Preheat oven at 180°C. Line a 4 inch tart mold by greasing with a little butter and dusting with little flour. In a bowl combine flour, butter and castor. Rub well till the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add little water and mix into a soft dough. Refrigerate for 15 minutes. Dust dough with little flour and roll out into a large disc. Line the prepared tart mold and press from inside so that the dough set properly inside the mold. Discard the edges, press the sides with the thumb and prick the inside base with a knife. Line the tart mold with a baking paper and fill it with beans to ensure that it retains its shape while baking. Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes. Once partly baked remove the beans and baking paper and let it cool for a few minutes then brush some jam over. Now spoon the filling and bake in the pre heated over for about 20 minutes.cherry tart


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