Nutella Microwave Mug Cake….lakes of Kumaon Hills…a photo journey

Giving Delhi’s hot and humid weather and other engagements a break, we all set off to Bhimtal on last Monday morning.
All excited, we began our journey listening to Inder’s favorite tracks on his phone. After covering about one-third of the route we stopped to have aloo poori, brownies and other things we packed. There, it was decided that we would now stop only after reaching Bhimtal

greenglimpse of lake
As we approached the hills, we switched off the air conditioner of our car and rolled down the windows to let the clean air comes in and to breathe the freshest of air. The grays of pollution by then have changed into green. We even caught a glimpse of lake. But after sitting in that small space for long 6 hours we were all exhausted and desperately wanted to come out. hotelstrawberryplums

At around 5 when we reached and entered the hotel  the excitement clouds all the exhaustiveness.  Children went wild and happy seeing the various playground equipments and they made sure to take advantage of each and every game. All around the hotel we smelled the beautiful flowers; we even saw the bushes of strawberries blooming with fruit, peach, pomegranate, and pear were the other trees I found in their small garden. Kids tailed my brother all through the journey leaving me free to photograph to my heart content.

bhimtal lakeboatstreet food
Next day after having a heavy breakfast, we set off towards the Bhimtal Lake to enjoy  boating. My parents and I sat down on the stairs to watch the kids having fun.  While they take rounds after round we too didn’t let any opportunity go to have rounds of  golgappas and corn. After they finished off they want to rush back to their hotel for obvious reasons but many of us wanted to make the most of our short and limited trip, so somehow we able to persuade the children to visit Naukuchiyantal Lake too. lotus lake

When we were on the way I noticed the lotus lake and that left me completely awestruck  and I asked Inder to stop the car. I came out and stood still in front of that lake while other discussed their plans for paragliding. boatNaukuchiyantal Lake was next to Lotus Lake. While some opted for boating again, some of us relaxed under a hut and enjoyed the bread and chilies pakoras with some hot tea. wooden kitchen accessories
We were told that If you are a shopaholic than it was not a place for you. I completely agree. I only found one small shop selling some wooden kitchen tools and accessories other than that small markets were comprises of just local produce fruits, vegetables and some other things for regular needsparagliding
For second last day of our trip again, some of us went for  paragliding while remaining  relaxed under the shadow of some stand where we talked with more tourists like us. Later, kids told us that it was a totally a new experience for them.pine treeslocal grown food

After that Sattal Lake left to cover.  When we approached the lake the forest became denser and denser with beautiful and tall pine trees. When we came out of the car my parents and I decided to skip the lunch to have all sorts of street food over there. We started off with a corn then a tea. We, discover two new things one is Kaphal, a fruit resembles like Phalse but tastes even better and a chana chat which is made quite differently and tasted delicious. We ended up munching so many packets of them. After accomplishing our only mission (to eat) we leave the place all happy and full. On the way to hotel we stuffed our bags with fruits, cucumber, jumbo radish and tomato to munch again at hotel. After reaching hotel while kids felt charged up again and absorbed themselves in games while we sat down with our father and listened to his some repetitive and some old happy and stories of his past. locals of bhimtal
On the day of our departure I woke up quite early to take one last round in the thin alley. I even knocked at everybody’s door to accompany me but seemed like they were enjoying in their own way. While I walked two young boys came to me and asked me to photograph them. I happily obliged and wished I could give them a copy.

It was definitely a brief break but a most memorable one.microwave Nutella mug cake
Serves 2 (small portion)
Recipe adapted from Plateful. I halved the recipe.
• Flour – 4 tablespoons
• Baking powder – ¼ tsp
• Unsweetened cocoa powder – 3 tbsp
• caster sugar – 
4 tablespoons
• egg
- 1
• Nutella – 
3 tablespoons
• Milk -3 tablespoons
• oil -3 tablespoons
• chocolate piece – 2

Combine all ingredients except chocolate chips in a bowl. Beat well. Divide the batter between 2 small microwave safe mugs. Important thing is to fill mugs up to just ¾ full, if not the cake will overflow when it rises. Then tip in  chocolate piece  into each cup.

Microwave on high power for anywhere between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The key for the perfect lava cake is not to overcook the batter.


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