Mango Falooda….a precious finding

rainAfter making preparations for breakfast and lunch  I came near the window, it was raining. I  pulled a chair in the shed and sat down keeping my bare feet on the wet floor. It felt cold. I noticed a few dead dragonflies like bodies on the floor, when I looked up there were in hundreds, flying all around the street. It felt amazed to see that I now no longer scared of them.   I remember a few years ago horde of grasshoppers invaded the city making mine and many others,  lives miserable. I completely stopped going out fearing them. I even took leave for few days, when once I  found them crawling on my back while returning from office. But see, now the same me is shooting them with different angles. After trying a few times I failed to click a nice one, as they were flapping their wings so fast. I put down my camera to look down at the lane where some kids were cycling and like the whole street they too were all bathed with rain in the rain I went inside to bring the folder, I discovered yesterday. I carefully examined each sheet to find the reply of the letter written by my son to his grandfather a few years ago. Which read like this. a letter to nanu


Dear Nanu,
Today I went to the mall.
I saw so many things.
When I came home I ate a ice cream.
In the evening I went for swimming.
You know my cursifwriting?
How are you?
What fills in the tractor?
Today I also ate a ice cream at my frind’s house.
Today I went for swim?
My papa brot me for swim goggles.
Again I will write letter.

I traced some more pictures in his folder. FAMILY TREE2

It reads

Mamu – who alwase guides me.
Mummy – who love me so much.
Grandmother – who teaches me to respect.
Nanu – every time plays with me as if free
Uncle – we rarely meet and it’s treat when we meet.
Uncle – always talk politely
Papa –always protect me
Uncle – my most wonderful admirer

Now, a very delicious recipe of the falooda

mango falooda
Recipe adapted from VegrecipesofIndia

• Sabja seeds/sweet basil seeds – 2 tsp (soaked in ¾ cup water for half an hour then strain the water)
• Boiled Vermicelli – 3 tbsp
• Rose syrup – 4 tbsp (optional)
• Mango puree – 2/3 cup
• Chilled milk – 3 cup
• Vanilla or mango ice cream – 3 – 4 scoops
• Chopped mango – 1 small

In serving glasses make layers like first add 1 tbsp of rose syrup then add sabja seeds. Later add vermicelli next add mango puree then chopped mango. Add milk then repeat the layers again. Top with ice cream and some chopped mango. Drizzle some rose syrup over.


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