Waldorf Salad…excitement and stress

Hot tea in hand, I looked at my kitchen items stacked over my most precious wooden box. Till a few days ago, over it lied a beautiful mat and some cushions but now when our most awaited kitchen renovation has started, I moved every kitchen item into the hall and some of the items are now stacked over the same box, a box gifted  by my father on my birthday. When I shifted my look to other corners of the hall, they looked as cluttered, stuffed and covered with dust as my front portion.

I checked the time, it was 7 a.m., I lifted my empty cup and the bowl of chopped methi  and went straight into the kitchen to prepare gajar methi for lunch and some methi pranthas for breakfast. They  were not up yet, so I worked slowly;  dreaming and thinking about the many decisions we made in the last few days.  Decision of going for open kitchen rather than modular kitchen, decision to remove the only but dead and blocked window, increasing the working area and many more…thinking about all this, I stir the vegetable and side by side took back a few trays and basket of kitchen items into the hall as Banwari, our mason, would be here any time now and I have to make the kitchen empty by removing everything from the kitchen leaving the gas and of course, the piles of construction material scattered all over in the kitchen.We are now on week second, and everyday after they leave, I first have to clean the space and then I have to put everything again together for tea and dinner (at times in candle light other times with no water). Believe me, it’s not very inspiring to cook in such a setting but you can’t source food from outside, everyday.
A midst all the turbulence, wedding of my tall and petite niece came just at the right time. Though, I know the comfort would be  just for a few hours but still it was a relaxing escape from all the chaos and messiness. It was a grand wedding and bride was looking gorgeous in her red lehanga and arrived in a Rath. We all had so much fun meeting and chatting with my relatives and indulging in the best ever food. I specially liked the tava’s items.
Yesterday, my two teenage nieces came up home to stay with us as their parents were out on a short ‘couple only’ trip.  For Virat, their stay or presence has always been a great gift, which he cherished by sharing jokes and other things with them.  And, whenever he  pampers them by his very sweet gestures like by either  filling a water jug for them, wiping the wet floor with his new socks, and by  confirming for their other comforts, its  definitely a sight which can melt anybody’s heart. I think the girls love him equally.  I celebrate their powerful bonding by baking a cake (share soon).

lemon cake
Recently on Facebook, my BIL or soon-to-be grandpa posted a cute picture on his facebook wall, which I can’t help sharing. The little baby has still a week to come and will definitely say a big ‘hi’ to you, here on my blog but before that check out his new wardrobe.

waldorf saladwaldorf salad

Recipe adapted from add a pinch

• Apple, chopped – 1
• Persimmon, peeled and chopped – 1
• Celery, a few – sliced
• Red grapes, halved – 1 cup
• Walnut, halves – ½ cup
• Mayonnaise – 4 tbsp
• Large lettuce leaves, torn by hand – 3

In a bowl mix all the above ingredients. Serve cool.