I started my last weekend with same sort of routine…. a nice cup of hot tea followed by preparing breakfast and lunch. Later in the day Virat took me to park with him.. to play badminton with his new racquet, During one of the most frequent breaks he told me he doesn’t see the same energy and passion in me.. for the game and now it has become easy for him to win. I took his this remark as a compliment to my younger self, but I didn’t tell him that at that time he was young and new to the game and now over the years, it is he, who has developed a good level of skills in the game.
After playing a few more games with him, when we we walked back home, we stopped and looked at a tree covered with yellow thread like danglers. Virat surprisingly has some useful information to share, he informed me that it actually Dodder, a parasitic plant which live on other plant for food. When I asked does this cause any damage to the tree. To which he replied to a limited extent.
dodder coveredplantBack home, we both assembled all the tools required for covering and designing a cake, baked in the morning. Unfortunately decoration didn’t turn out as expected. On his suggestion I cancelled taking the cake to my aunt’s house where we were invited for dinner. zebra fondant cake

(image by my my sister)
Meeting my aunt and her family was probably the best thing happened to me recently. It felt wonderful to gather around the table once again….once again after 12 long years to catch up on all the little and big things happened since we last connected.  We ate until our bellies hurt, laughed on the hilarious life stories told by my cousins, got the chance to see the amazing paintings and cards done by my very talented sister-in-laws (wish I didn’t stopped myself that day to photograph) and finally, until, finished the day by eating ice creams of different flavors.    fondant cake
Now, when I am writing about that beautiful memory I wish and hope a similar kind of evening at my home.

Fondant for covering 1kg of cake
• Icing sugar – 500 gms
• Gelatin – 2 tsp
• Water – 3 tbsp
• Liquid glucose – 4 tsp
• Oral glycerin – 2 tsp
• CMC powder – 1 tsp
(Natural gel – 3 tbsp and Water – 2 tbsp for glazing)
Sprinkle gelatin in a bowl of water (do not stir). Let it soak for 5 minutes. Sift icing sugar and CMC powder in a bowl. Dissolve gelatin on a very low flame (do not boil). Remove from heat and add liquid glucose and glycerin and mix well (if required put again on low flame). Add gelatin mixture with sugar. Knead the dough for full 7 to 8 minutes. Once done cover it with cling film and put this in an air tight container in the fridge.


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