Pasta with Chilly and Bell Pepper Sauce

Yesterday night after winding down with my kitchen work, I came out in the balcony to take a few slow rounds. It was windy outside; I called out Virat to bring me a stole. He came carries one, thumb of his other hand was placed firmly in between the book he carried to mark the page he was reading ; announced that he is starting another chapter. I nodded my head in approval; tomorrow was Sunday so it’s fine if he sleeps late. It was roughly 9:30, not many people were visible around or down the road. Newly installed LED tubes were providing enough light to the commuters and to me, strolling from one corner to another. I often rolled my hands in clockwise and anticlockwise direction to tone my arms; just then I noticed  my neighbor get out of her car, dressed in a beautiful white fur coat and blue tights she was looking extremely gorgeous. I looked at her and wished we would greet each other and she gives me little glimpses of her day but she was busy on her phone and went inside her house without giving me a look. Gas roasted bell pepperRecently I have developed an insatiable curiosity about people, I wanted to know what fills their days? What challenges they face every day? From where they find inspirations; their fears; or many many little other things (just like I share over here). You will found it strange but on my recent trip to Ghaziabad I found myself asking my mom about her childhood (surprisingly which I never cared to ask in my 40 years of life). Suddenly I wanted to hear more from my father and from my brother,  from my niece who is in the hostel and from all such lovely people.  Nigella's chilly and bell pepper sauceThinking about all this I realized it was very late and when I came in they both were awake; seeing me around  Virat asked me explain a story to him which he didn’t understand. It was from his Hindi course book, a story about the efforts of a friend who helped her handicap friend climb a 6 feet tree, a very touchy story by Tetsuko Kuriyanagi. pasta with chilly and bell pepper sauce
Whenever I make pasta for Virat I make sure I boil some extra, so that, whenever I feel like I can stir  my kind of pasta in minutes. It is so simple to make and tastes delicious.

pasta with chilli and bell pepper sauceRecipe of sauce is adapted from Nigella Lawson

• Gas roasted Bell peppers – 2
• Garlic cloves – 6
• Coriander with stalks, a big bunch chopped
• Salt and Paprika powder to taste
• Extra Virgin olive oil – 2 tbsp (more for drizzling on the top, optional)
• Jumbo red chilies – 2 or more to taste, deseeded
Remove the black skin and seeds from the bell pepper. In a mixer jar add bell pepper, chilies, garlic, coriander, salt, and paprika powder and process until paste-like. Mix the oil thoroughly.
Finally add the above sauce into your cold pasta and serve immediately.


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