Peanut bites…change

We have started keeping doors open; quilts have been replaced, lovely sunshine have made a way in our rooms, morning walks have become comfortable, during the day time we don’t need as many layers to cover us up, craving for something cold have started. All these signs are giving us indication that we on the threshold of spring. Of course, there is a disappointment of leaving winter early as well as weak but i am happy and ready to see a change. peanut bites
I carefully stacked pieces of brownies in a box, baked yesterday. Slipping that, and one another box of peanut bites in his already overstuffed bag I went to wake him up. Today was his picnic and there is a a great  excitement in the house. Virat will surely have his own reasons but for  me the excitement  lies in  picking him up from the school. Yes, you read right.

Dropping and picking him from and to  any such trip or  class is probably the one activity that I love most in my routine. During that 5 or 10 minutes time walk or sometimes more, there is lots to discuss; and lots to laugh about. It is only during that time when we make plans like when and how our particular demand or mistake should be  put in front of Inder (believe me, we never hide a smallest thing from him but “when”  this big  decision is taken only during that time).
His activities classes have always given me wonderful opportunities to meet so many, many wonderful people.  Earlier, it was more fun when such activities were not just dropping him “on and off” but  needed my presence either ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the class.  Either ways, it was  fun; inside watching the kids hone their talent and outside meeting and conversing with the lovely ladies.

I know in few years time when he will grow more independent, than even this small pleasure or luxury would be taken away from me.  Anyways, why  I am thinking of it now, when I know it has time or may be not??

Someone has rightly said “change is necessary, change is beautiful and one adventure ends another starts”. peanut bites
Peanut Bites


This peanut bites is easy to make.  Just add a few tablespoons of peanut butter in the dark chocolate.  Melt it in the microwave for two minutes.   Mix well, add salted peanuts to them, mix again.  Put spoonful by spoonful on a greased tray.  Before it sets, sprinkle some sea salt.


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