Eggless Red Pear Flapjack

After he left home to play with his friends, I grabbed a few vegetables  from the freeze and work on to prepare dinner. It’s not every day that my dinner preparations were undone before he goes out to play but some days – even a most punctual person is allowed to go slow.    After putting some dal to soak(only to boil later) and giving vegetables a quick stir fry   I get outside for a brief walk .

It had been hot outside but the soft breeze gave the weather a nice contrast.  The park was over crowded with evening walkers.  I chose to walk in the center, where there was no one and from where it was easy to give their game an occasional glance.   As usual he was playing a goalie, happy and comfortable in his own group of friends. But when two  big boys (almost double their age) joined them, I saw  him stepping aside.  Before I go, interrupt and  request the boys to allow the kids play alone, I saw him stepping forward and making a few great saves.   I don’t know what made me do that but I was happy that he gave this opportunity, a go. 

You know being a mother, at times, it gets difficult to decide as when to allow him making his  own mistakes or decisions and when to  protect him.

Last weekend,  I somehow managed to pull Virat with me for shopping .   And just when we reached the mall, his friend’s call came – who wanted him to come and play at his house.  Believe me, after that he didn’t let me enter any shop and we literally have to rushed back home immediately.  But see, I somehow  managed to buy these beautiful tins. Though I already have tins of that size  but the color of the tins were so pretty that I can’t stop myself from buying them.

Usually I walk alone in the park but sometimes there is one dear friend of mine  who I love walking with.    What I love most about her that just like me she appreciates the power of small little things in life.  Every time we met there were bag full of good things to share (just like the things I love sharing here).    Yesterday she was telling me as how many of her, plants had withered badly due of heat.   I suggested her as how, by providing a shade over and keeping the soil moist by layering it with stones or moss grass, her plants can stay safe and protected.

This was another beautiful surprise  I noticed while taking rounds in the park, I was told that someone in my neighbor has planted this.  I think it’s overgrown size has made her do that. Red Pear Flapjackred pear flapjackThis came out  wonderfully moist.   Original recipe calls for apples but I have red pears in my freeze so I  put them instead and the result was fabulous. Next time, I would love to try this recipe with apples.

Recipe adapted from Goodtoknow


  • Red pears (you can take apples  also), cored and grated – 1 kg
  • oats – 200gms
  • honey – 70 ml
  •  butter – 150 gm
  • Brown sugar – 40 gm
  • Pinch of salt


Preheat the oven at 180 degree C. Line an 8 inch square tin with baking paper.  In a pan over low heat let the pears and sugar simmer gently. Once it reduced down to almost three-fourth and becomes soft add the butter and honey. Add oats, salt and vanilla essence and mix everything well. Spoon the mixture into the lined tin and press it will with the back of a spatula sprinkle some almonds (if desire) and bake for 40 minutes