Welcome into my adventurous world of baking, cooking and photography.


About me – Hi! I am Vibha, a wife, mom and a food blogger.  After doing my bachelors in commerce, I did several professional courses  that led me into two multinational companies, where I worked as an Assistant.   I left the job after I got married;  in December, 2012 I started this blog but  published my first post on 6th April, 2013.

About baking and writing – I baked my very first cake for my boss on his birthday, I made a simple pound cake by taking a recipe from my neighbour.  Then baked my second cake for my husband after 8 years but since then I don’t even remember how many cakes I have baked.

Writing too was something, which I always wanted to do, but sharing was difficult for me, blames it on my shy nature. But with this blog I overcome my this fear too.my family

About my family – My husband is the real inspiration behind this blog. Though he knows nothing about blogging but he is the one who I can refer to any time of the day and somehow  he solved my problems too.  We were blessed with our first and only child in 2003.  My son is always very keen in listening to my blog story and updates.   I also want to thank Pearl Singhal, my niece for introducing me to WordPress and helping me to start  this blog last but not the least my father for providing all the equipments needed  from any part of the world.bakingflavoursAbout my blog – As my title explains, it is all about wholesome baking, sometime I do incorporate some simple recipes too that I will found interesting and of course a story of my every day.  inspiration

About Inspiration– Inspiration comes from everywhere.

Seasonal vibrant fruits and vegetable, which I love to use in my baking.  Smell and feel of nature and work of so many  food bloggers who were doing blogging aesthetically for years with same passion.

About my camera – I had recently bought Canon DSLR 1100D. I just know its two to three functions. I want to explore my newly discovered passion also.

About Props – I love collecting them.  My sister is the one who is behind my huge collection.

In the end I would like to thanks WordPress for providing this wonderful platform, to all my dear readers, for stopping by and to my dear sisters Mrs. Seema Gupta and Vandana Gupta  whose words of encouragement I always look forward to.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Cake was very delicious & yummy which we had on Anvit’s birthday, It was so tasty & looked as was prepeard in good bakery. All the best & eagerly waiting for next cake.
    Jyoti Soni

  2. Hi,

    I wish to connect with you regarding one of my clients. Kindly share your contact details for the same.


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