Jamun Jam…jamuns are great to keep you healthy


The trees are God’s great alphabet:

With them He writes in shining green

Across the world His thoughts serene.

– Leonora Speyer

If you ever get the chance to come here you will be surprised to find lots ‘n’ lots of jamun trees all over in Vikaspuri. In fact, I am living here for the last 10 years but never noticed but my post inspired me to observe that more closely.

One more thing that never failed to surprise me, that in spite of so many trees around it is the one fruit which is sold at very high price over here..


While passing through the roads you will find how people climbed on the tree or some were shaking it.

   Jamun 3

Their activity   took me back to my childhood days at my grandparent’s house where we too  used to do the same kind of activities. Life was fun at that time. I sometimes feel sad for our children.  They are missing so much fun in cities.

Near our office there are two huge jamun trees and their branches are all coming over our office roof. When my husband told me about this I didn’t let this  opportunity go.  To give the same fun and excitement to my son, we called all the kids and   plucked lots of  jamuns from our roof.  Children really has blast that day.

So whenever we feel like having them we go there and plucked as many we like. .

Jamun (black plum) the fruits ripen in june or july  I make jamun season  last  all year with this easy jam.

We all know the health benefits of jamuns bearing deep purple color.  It is  a great source of iron,  vitamins, magnesium, potassium and fibre.  It has also been reported to play an important role in treatment of diabetes and a protective role in liver disease.  It has  also blood purifying properties.

jamun jam

Recipe adapted  from GoodFood Magazine, June issue 2013.


  • Jamuns – 250 gms
  • Sugar – 200 gms
  • Cinnamon Stick – 1


Wash  the jamun well and drain all the water. Remove the seeds.   Place the sugar and jamum  in a heavy bottomed pan and heat on medium flame.  Within a few minutes the sugar will melt  and the fruit will release purple juices. Slowly bring the mixture to a boil.

At this stage you can choose to flavor the jam with a cinnamon stick.  After boiling for 5 – 10 minutes it will turn into thick syrup.

The mixture will continue to thicken after it cools down so do not boil   it for too long.    Pour the jam into a clean glass jar.  It can be refrigerated for up to a year.

Jamun Jam