Patoleo and yogurt pea sauce for cold pasta…on Ganesh Chaturthi

Today, I woke to light rain. Inder too was up and wandering here and there; a cup and a plate on the table indicated that he had his tea.   My other task of opening doors and windows too had been done by him so I went straight into the kitchen.

As I put some water to boil for tea I felt comfortable than the last few days though the  metallic taste of medicines was still there.   I brought my tea in the balcony and sat on a stool.  Moments later, Virat came and planted a careful kiss on my right cheek. He has been doing this for days and more often since the day I got my two teeth extracted. Unfortunately all this happened during his exams time. Frequent visits to the dentist left him and his studies ignored. I failed to cook anything special for him.  Poor he even prepared for all his exams by himself.

You know at times, there are some questions or worries that bothers me like hell, like, what if…the same or much worse situation strikes during some more important exams of his life?
But, whenever such stupid question strikes me  I like remembering a quote by John Henry Reese

“Don’t ask questions that you don’t want the answer to.”

Over the next few weeks many new and exciting things are coming my way; we have planned some renovation in the house. . His exams too will be over in next week’s time. My brother, sister and their families will be visiting home.  So plenty of good things.  pea pestoPatoleoToday, I will be sharing two recipes. one is Patoleo or turmeric leaf cake and the other is pea pesto.   Patoleo  is prepared on  Ganesh Chaturthi ( for more information see WIki).  And, pea pesto is my favorite sauce which I often add in leftover boiled pasta or rice noodles. Just add a few tablespoons into pasta with some lightly saute vegetables and some walnuts and your lunch or dinner is ready in minutes.  pea pestocold pasta

Recipe adapted from Orangette
Ingredients for yogurt pea sauce or pasta sauce
• Unboiled peas – 1 bowl
• Hung curd – 1 cup
• Salt and pepper to taste
• Green chilies to taste
• Olive oil – ¼ cup
• Garlic – 4 -5 pods
Gring peas, chilies and garlic in a blender. Now mix hung curd, salt, pepper and olive oil.rice mixturejaggery and coconut pastefresh coconut
Recipe adapted from Zee Khana Khazana

Ingredients for Patoleo
• Boiled rice – 2 cup
• Water – ½ cup
• Grated jaggery – 1 cup
• Fresh coconut – ½ cup
• Banana leaf or foil paper
• Oil for greasing
In a mixie jar add rice and water and grind them well. In a pan cook the paste on low flame. In another pan add jaggery, coconut and water. Cook it till it came out as a lump. Switch off the gas and leave it to cool then make a soft dough. Pour jaggery stuffing in it and roll out with help of banana leaf. Steam for 15 minutes in a steamer.