Chocolate Orange Cake

After exchanging a few text messages with my sister, I called Virat to inform him that his books have arrived; and about his friend, who came yesterday to play with him.  I have few more little things to share, but as I talked, I realized he was not concentrating, so I cut short my talk and said ‘bye’ to him. It’s been two days now since I dropped him off to his naani’s house and he failed to call me even once; but it is quite understandable when you are with your cousins or with your peers.    He will  back home within a day or two and once the renovation work  gets done  we will once again go there, together.  Chocolate Orange CakeIn his absence much of the time is spent in cleaning many of the cupboards and drawers.   I even discarded many of the boards and props that were collected in my three and a half year of blogging.    They didn’t cost me much, but still, it was difficult parting away with them, as with each piece a sentiment, time, energy and most importantly a priceless story is attached.  In future, I would be careful before buying any such  thing. Chocolate Orange CakeRecently I have started reading ‘The Violets of March’ on my friend’s recommendation.  It’s a lovely book and so far I am loving it.IMG_2172This lovely kettle was bought and broken on the same day.  I was so angry with Virat that I didn’t even talk to him for hours after that.     I am thinking of planting some plant in it.

On renovation front, much of the white wash has completed.   And so far, we didn’t made any such major change in the house except moved a study table into our room. If you’re looking for something delicious and different to bake this week, try this Orange and Chocolate Cake by Nigella Lawson.Chocolate Orange Cake