Recipe Index

• Cakes

  1. Black forest cake
  2. Cherry cake
  3. Mango Cake
  4. Pineapple Cake
  5. Pavlova
  6. Fondant Cake
  7. Pineapple Cake
  8. Coffee Chocolate Chip Pound Cake
  9. Orange Marmalade Cake
  10. Microwave Nutella Cake -2minute
  11. Chocolate Cake
  12. Whole wheat Cake
  13. Mawa Cake – a daring baker’s challenge
  14. Beetroot and Whole wheat Cake – no boiling and roasting
  15. Marie-Helene’s Apple Cake – eggless
  16. No bake – Yogurt Cake
  17. Whole wheat Date and Walnut Cake with toffee sauce
  18. Pastel de tres leches -daring baker’s challenge
  19. Wholewheat Chocolate Pound Cake
  20. Pumpkin, Orange and Chocolate Swirl Cake
  21. Whole wheat Banana and Coconut tea Loaf
  22. Whole wheat Chocolate Pound Cake
  23. Carrot Cake
  24. Whole wheat Ricotta Cheese Cake
  25. Eggless Marble Cake with Ganache Icing
  26. Christmas Fruit Cake
  27. Sticky Date Pudding in orange juice with chocolate syrup
  28.  Eggless Chocolate cake with ganache icing(rosettes)
  29. Chocolate Roll
  30. Chocolate Strawberry Cake
  31. Schichttorte/Baumkuchen/Tree Cake…daring baker’s challenge
  32. Strawberry Quark Cheesecake
  33. Choco Lava Cake with Strawberry
  34. Chocolate Bundt Cake
  35. Tiramisu
  36. Strawberry Upside down Cake
  37. Eggless Chocolate Cake with Amaranth Flour…..1st anniversary
  38. Lemon Curd Cake with Cherry Compote topping
  39. Chernosliv (honey and Prune cake)
  40. Banana and Chocolate Loaf
  41. Fresh Fig and Cherry Tea Cake
  42. Lemon and Plum Cake
  43. chocolate coffee cake
  44. Eggless Natural Red Velvet Cake
  45. Eggless bran, pear, apple and chocolate cake
  46. Eggless Apricot and Pineapple Cake
  47. Ice cream Cake

• Cupcake/Muffin/Biscotti

  1. Red Velvet Cupcake
  2. Popover
  3. Almond Biscotti
  4. Banana Chocolate Marble Muffin
  5. Whole wheat Eggless Zucchini muffin with cranberry
  6. Eggless Low Fat Chocolate Muffin
  7. Chocolate Cupcake with Avocado Mousse
  8. Egg less Avocado Cupcake with yogurt frosting and kumquat jam

• Frozen

  1. Mango Frozen Yogurt
  2. Strawberry Yogurt
  3. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
  4. Pineapple Kulfi
  5. Banana and Mango Yogurt Gelato
  6. Rose Kulfi
  7. Strawberry Froyo with Strawberry Coulis
  8. Chocolate Ice Cream
  9. Mango Ice Cream

• Bread

  1. Dinner Rolls
  2. Ragi wheat bread with spinach
  3. Whole wheat Focaccia
  4. Almond Cinnamon Rolls
  5. Beautiful Bread with Ragi and Amaranth…daring baker’s challenge
  6. Soda Bread
  7. Eggless Garlic Bread
  8. Eggless Easter Bread with Amaranth and whole wheat flour…a daring baker’s challenge

• Others

  1. Orange and Chocolate Panna Cotta
  2. Galette Strawberry and Apple
  3. Macaron
  4. Granola
  5. Swiss Roll
  6. Yeast Doughnut
  7. Virgin Pina Colada
  8. Apple Verrine and Rum Truffle
  9. Cranberry Jelly and Vanilla Panna Cotta
  10. Healthy Panna Cotta
  11. No Bake – Oreo Tart
  12. Eggless Oat and Apricot Bar
  13. Mozzarella and Persimmon Mousse
  14. Hazelnut and Yogurt Mousse
  15. No Bake – Peanut and Hazelnut Bars
  16. Best Ever Granola
  17. Candid Orange Peel in Syrup and Butterscotch Sauce
  18. Eton Mess…failed macaron
  19. Pumpkin Pie
  20. Sesame, Honey and Jaggery Bars
  21. Chocolate Roll
  22. Beetroot and Chocolate Milk with Marshmallows
  23. Apple and Strawberry Tart
  24. Trifle with Pomegranate Molasses with yogurt
  25. Baked Fruity Burst Pizza
  26. Pumpkin Mousse
  27. Homemade Cheese – Ricotta, Mascarpone, Quark and Strawberry and Mascarpone Cheese Trifle
  28. Baked Muesli with popped amaranth, foxnuts and strawberries
  29. Chocolate shots with almond paste
  30. Mango Coconut and Tapioca pearl Pudding
  31. Baked Honey and Mustard Cashews
  32. chocolate shots
  33. Apricot and Walnut Bar
  34. Baked Amaranth and Foxnut Muesli with Strawberries
  35. Black Forest Miniature
  36. Mango Panna Cotta
  37. Sabja or Sweet Basil Seeds Ice Cream with Rose Syrup
  38. Cherry Clafouti
  39. Piyush
  40. Spicy honey roasted almonds
  41. Rose Syrup with dry Petals

• Cookies/Biscuits


  1. Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies
  2. Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies
  3. Masala Cookie – A daring baker’s challenge
  4. Bolinhas De Coco
  5. Chocolate Sables
  6. Oats and Chocolate Chip Cookie
  7. Beetroot Crinkles
  8. Hazelnut, Oats and Banana Cookies.
  9. Beetroot Whoopie Pies..daring baker’s Challenge
  10. Eggless Oats and Cranberry Cookies
  11. Whole wheat Spicy Gingerbread Cookies
  12. White Chocolate Strawberry Shortbread Cookies
  13. Flourless Desiccated Coconut Cookies
  14. Prunes and Sesame Cookies
  15. Cookies filled with molten chocolate
  16. Eggless Cranberry and Walnut Cookies
  17. Graham Crackers
  18. Muesli and Amaranth Cookies
  19. Jam filled Sandwich Cookies with Ragi and Amaranth Flour
  20. Double Chocolate Cranberry Biscotti

. Jams/Sauces/Chutneys/Pickles

  1. Plum Jam
  2. Jamun Jam
  3. Tomato and Chilli Harissa
  4. Apricot Jam
  5. Chilly Jam
  6. Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce
  7.  Malta and Red Chilly Jam
  8. Strawberry Jam
  9. Indian Gooseberry/amla Pickle
  10. Kumquat Jam
  11. Concord Grapes Jam and Orange Marmalade Jam
  12. Loquat marmalade
  13. Peach Jam
  14. Fig and Apple Jam


  1. Chlodnik
  2. Gazpacho – a cool delight
  3. Tomato Oats Soup
  4. Fat Free Pumpkin and Mixed Vegetable Soup
  5. Minestrone
  6. Pea Soup
  7. Chin Hin Sour Soup
  8. Pepper Rasam
  9. Roasted Bell Pepper and Chilly Soup
  10. Ragi cabbage and Mushroom Soup
  11. Classic Russian Borscht

Quick Fix

  1. Summer Coolants and Smoothies
  2. Hot Chocolate


  1. Plum Buckle
  2. Peach, Plum and Cherry Cobbler
  3. Cherry, Peach and Plum Crisp
  4. Persimmon and Strawberry Crumble
  5. Muesli and popped amaranth crumble with fresh mulberry
  6. Cherry Crumble
  7. Gluten free Peach and Plum Slump


  1. Whole Wheat Brownie
  2. Eggless Oats and Whole Wheat Brownie
  3. Whole wheat Fudgy Coconut Brownie
  4. Whole wheat Eggless Persimmon and Cranberry Brownie
  5. Brownie in a bowl
  6. Whole wheat indulging and kid

Indian Mithai/sweets

  1. Almond Besan Ladoos
  2. Dessicated Coconut Ladoos
  3. Jaggery Rice Crispy Bars
  4. 5 Minute fig nutter
  5. Fresh Coconut Laddoos

Baked  or unbaked Savory dishes

  1. Mediterranean Pizza Pot Pie-daring baker’s challenge
  2. Ragi and whole wheat Crackers
  3. Oats Crackers
  4. Wholewheat Pumpkin Crackers
  5. Roasted Chickpeas
  6. Instant steamed gram flour idli
  7. Tarator
  8. Leftover Chapatti and Bread Poha


  1. Crostini and Roasted Red Pepper Salad

Flavors of India

  1. Gram Flour Dumplings in tomato gravy …Rajasthan




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