Instant Tiramisu

Hair Cut? Done. Bag? Packed. Shoes? Polished. Homework? Done. I am consistently checking these and many other related things in my mind for the last few days.

Whenever his school resumes after such a long gap, I became a bit anxious. I started imagining scenarios such as searching for one socks or Identity card or belt in the morning rush hour. What if? I forgot to pick the project given for binding or if, my most reliable phone alarm doesn’t beep on time. Alternatively I, could not find enough vegetables in the freeze to cook for his lunch.

Though I am aware that things would be normal during the second day but for the first day I need to organize and recheck everything again and again.

I hope these thing are pretty simple for you.  instant tiramisu
Today I am sharing a recipe that I tried about 2 years ago and really got rave reviews from someone who is hard to impress, my BIL. Next, I made this for my sweet heart Anvit who liked it so much that requested me to make this everyday for him till the time  I stayed there in Ghaziabad, for summer vacation. It is so simple to make that even a five year old can make but tastes no less than the very famous Tiramisu.
Recipe adapted from a show called Secret Recipes on Foodfood channel.
• Hide and seek cookies – 1 packet
• Amul Cream – 200ml
• Powdered Sugar – 3 to 4 tablespoon or more
• Cottage cheese, mashed or grinded – 4 tbsp
• Nescafe – 1 tbsp
• Water – 200ml
• Chocolate shards to garnish
In a bowl mix water and coffee powder. In another bowl mix cream, sugar and cheese, whisk all the ingredients nicely. Dip a cookie in coffee mixture and line in the bottom of the serving glass. Spoon the cheese mixture all over the cookie layer, repeat the process for second layer. You can make as many layers as you want. Keep this in the freeze to chill. Serve chill.